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Monthly Archives: November 2018

  • How Peppermint Candy Canes Became the Original Holiday Candy

    Throughout most of the year, peppermint is most seen when enjoying an after dinner mint, chewing on some gum or brushing our teeth. But around the holidays, peppermint totally takes over. From Starbucks lattes and special edition Oreos to limited time ice cream flavors and so much more, peppermint is the star of Christmastime. And the most popular of all the minty treats is the iconic candy cane! So, we began to wonder; how did peppermint candy canes become the original holiday candy? The answer wasn’t so straightforward.

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  • 7 Easy Homemade Christmas Candy Recipes

    Only a Scrooge wouldn’t have candies at all times during the holidays! But before you run out to the store for all the same old seasonal sweets, why not try out some fun and delicious recipes of your own! These homemade Christmas candies are so easy, you’ll be the holiday hostess with the mostess in no time.

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  • Best Chocolate & Candy Treats for the Thanksgiving Table this Year

    Thanksgiving is so close, our mouths are already watering as we think about all the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and endless trays of food we’re about to consume. But even once we clean our plates, there’s somehow ALWAYS room for dessert. And we believe the holidays are all about treats that look as good as they taste! We’ve got a helpful list of all the chocolates and candies that will make decorating your Thanksgiving table easy AND edible! After all, why would you waste room on the table with decorations you can’t eat?

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  • 8 of the Best Milk Chocolate Recipes

    Anyone who tries to tell you that milk chocolate is kid’s stuff clearly isn’t using it right. Even our favorite childhood treats are still satisfying our ruthless adult chocolate cravings, but what’s even better is that now we can also make them into sophisticated homemade desserts. Whether you’re 6 years old or 60 years old, hosting a party or simply looking to treat yourself, these milk chocolate desserts are perfectly creamy, comforting and delicious!

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  • 7 Ways to Cook & Decorate with Candy This Thanksgiving

    What’s the best way to decorate your Thanksgiving table? With more food! You’ll want to gobble up these super cute, super tasty, sweet and savory candy creations that will fill your home with all of the very best flavors and aromas of fall! Here are 7 fun ways to cook and decorate with candy this Thanksgiving holiday!

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  • Product Spotlight: 21st Century Snack Foods Nonpareils

    As a family owned and operated business, we take great pride in working with other family businesses. That’s one of the reasons we’re very excited to announce that we now carry 21st Century Snack Foods Nonpareils! Not only are these some of the best nonpareils available, but they come from a great company. Continue reading

  • Why Do Sour Candies Make Our Mouths Water?

     More often than not, when we’re craving a candy treat, we’re reaching for something sweet. But every now and then, we want that lip-puckering, mouth watering sour flavor. Our faces scrunch up and our eyes squint, but we just can’t get enough. And while we’ll gladly endure these consequences over and over, not everyone knows what gives sour this intense kick.

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