7 Patriotic Desserts for Your 4th of July Party

While it just wouldn’t be the 4th of July without burgers and hot dogs, the tastiest part of the day comes after the grilling: dessert! Just like the big fireworks display at the end of the night, sometimes the best stuff is saved for last. And we’re talking desserts that you can enjoy easily while talking, playing, and spending the day with friends and family. We’ve got 7 patriotic desserts for your 4th of July party to help you add a delicious splash of red, white, and blue to the dessert spread!

  1. Firework Blondies
    Blondies are simply the best; blending two of the greatest desserts of all time: cookies and brownies. And in these buttery blondies is an explosion of patriotism and chocolatey goodness. With red, white, and blue M&M’s and sprinkles mixed with rich milk chocolate chips and blondie batter, everyone at the party will be grabbing seconds (and thirds)!

  2. American Flag Donuts
    For those pre-parade parties, breakfast desserts come in clutch! Not many people will turn down a delicious iced donut, especially one dressed up like Uncle Sam. Get your piping tools ready and let the smooth white icing be your canvas. Flags, stars, whatever your inner artist is telling you, go with it!

  3. Patriotic Trail Mix
    The best part about this dessert is you can snack all party long, no plates required. And you can make it your own with whatever red, white, and blue candy mix-ins you want: M&M’s, Twizzlers, marshmallows, chocolate chips… the list is endless! With the help of a little heat, all you have to do is throw them all together, and voila. Grab a handful and go!

  4. Red, White & Blue Cupcake Cones
    You can’t go wrong with a good cupcake on the 4th, but you can do even better when you disguise it as an ice cream treat! These cupcake cones are not only delicious, but they make enjoying the rich icing and fluffy sponge of a cupcake mess-free. Plus, they’re perfect for hot afternoons spent outside since don’t need to be kept cold. And they’re super cute of course! Recipe

  5. Oreo Pops
    America’s favorite cookie dipped in rich white chocolate and covered in red, white, and blue sprinkles is such a no-brainer. They’re so festive and easy, the kids will love them and so will you. Sweets on a stick are the perfect idea for backyard parties where you need that other hand for corn hole!

  6. Flag Roll Cake
    A soft, lemon sponge, a whipped cream filling, and a little decorative paste batter, and you’ve got a show-stopping dessert! This All-American flag roll cake looks so impressive once prepared, but the best part is when you cut into it, revealing a patriotic swirl of fresh strawberries. If you’re up for a little challenge this 4th of July, this recipe helps make this dessert prep a lot easier. And in the end, you’ll be wowing guests and looking like a cake pro!

  7. 4th of July S'mores Dip
    We’ll definitely take s’more of this delicious dessert! Roasting marshmallows over an open fire is a classic summer pastime, but sometimes, you just want to skip to the good stuff. This S’mores Dip makes enjoying this tasty treat easy in between games of ladder golf or mingling with your guests. So dig in!


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