Tips For A Successful Chocolate Fountain Experience

Let’s face it, chocolate fountains are awesome. They’re the perfect centerpiece to any occasion because they not only look fantastic, but they taste even better. We even set one up in our booth at the Philadelphia National Candy, Gift, & Gourmet show in Hershey, PA and it was a HUGE hit with booth visitors. As amazing as they are and as simple as it seems to set one up, we hear countless horror stories from people about how their experiences with chocolate fountains were anything but amazing. Since we’re such fans of chocolate fountains, we wanted to provide you with some helpful tips and tricks for using them so you can avoid any chocolate catastrophes and enjoy all of the smooth, free-flowing chocolaty goodness they have to offer.


Choosing The Right Chocolate

If there’s one tip that you absolutely MUST follow, it’s that NOT ALL CHOCOLATE CAN BE USED IN A CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN! Please do yourself and your chocolate fountain a favor and never forget this key point. You’ll need to purchase fountain chocolate to use as it’s consistency when melted is perfect for flowing through your fountain without gunking up the machine’s components. We recommend using Wilbur Fountain Chocolate. It’s available in milk and semisweet varieties and the small wafer shaped pieces are very easy to work with.

Setting Up Your Fountain

Be sure to choose a proper location for setting up your chocolate fountain. Avoid placing it in areas of heavy traffic, near open doors or air conditioning vents, and definitely, do not set it up outside. Weather conditions link wind, rain and extreme temperature can drastically affect your chocolate how the functioning of your fountain. Be sure to set up your fountain on a level, sturdy surface. An unlevel surface will cause the chocolate to flow out of your fountain unevenly as opposed to in one beautiful, flowing stream.

Adding Chocolate To Your Fountain

Before beginning to use your fountain, always read the instruction manual for any directions specific to your make and model of fountain. While you can melt your chocolate directly in most fountains, the process can be time-consuming, to say the least. You may want to consider pre-melting your chocolate to speed up the process. Simply melt the chocolate according to the package instructions and pour it into your fountain. Store any unused or extra melted chocolate in a container inside of a cooler, where it will stay melted for a least a few hours. While using our chocolate fountain, we kept melted chocolate on hand next to the fountain in a small crock pot. When it was time to refill the fountain, we simply ladled the chocolate from the crock pot to the fountain.

What To Dip & Not To Dip

Obviously, everything tasted delicious when drenched in chocolate, but not everything is suitable for dipping in a chocolate fountain. For example, avoid dipping anything that contains crumbs or liquid, both of which will turn your chocolate into a disgusting looking mess. Also, if the item can’t be placed on a skewer before being dipped, we say pass. There’s nothing worse than someone’s hand coming into contact with your chocolate or someone just dropping their food item into the fountain altogether.

Cleaning Your Fountain

This is definitely the worst part of the entire chocolate fountain experience. The best case scenario is that you’re able to clean your fountain immediately after use before the chocolate has had a chance to harden. Take apart as many pieces of the fountain as you can and follow the cleaning instructions in your user’s manual. If you need to transport your fountain to a different location to clean it, empty it of as much chocolate as you can on-site, place the fountain in large plastic bags, and wash the components in hot soapy water as soon as you can. The hot water should be enough to melt the chocolate and the fountain will be able to be properly cleaned. Never run the motor on your fountain once the chocolate inside has cooled and hardened as it can cause the motor to burn out. If you have trouble removing hardened chocolate from your fountain, you can also turn on the fountains heating element to help melt the stuck on chocolate.

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