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  1. Best Retro Candies for the Ultimate Tasty Throwback

    Best Retro Candies for the Ultimate Tasty Throwback

    Choosing some of our favorite retro candies was a sweet, but challenging task. There are so many classics that we still love today. Thank goodness Royal Wholesale has them all, so you never have to give up on your favorites either! Just check out our Retro and Old Fashioned candy category to browse them all. And take a look at our top picks for best retro candies:

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  2. The Best Candy & Treats to Kick Off Summer

    The Best Candy & Treats to Kick Off Summer

    Warm weather and sunshine are the perfect excuses to get together with family and friends. And with all the pool parties, barbeques and holidays the summer have in store, you need to be prepared with an all-star supply of great sweets to celebrate. Here are some of the best candy and treats to kick off summer in a delicious fashion!

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  3. The Many Uses of Chocolate Chips

    The Many Uses of Chocolate Chips

    When someone says “chocolate chip,” what is the first thing that comes to mind? The answer is usually chocolate chip cookies. But the chocolate chip is far more versatile than just one classic treat. With Chocolate Chip Day on May 15th, we felt it was perfect timing to give the multi-talented chocolate chip the credit it deserves. From bittersweet chips, white chips, peanut butter chips, and so many more, it’s time to start getting creative with the many uses of chocolate chips!

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  4. 5 Fun Facts About Taffy

    5 Fun Facts About Taffy

    Taffy has been a fan-favorite confection since the 19th century. It’s everything from a seashore staple to a birthday party favor, Easter basket stuffer, and Halloween bag treat. But it’s also sort of a mystery. So here are five fun facts about the beloved taffy candy.

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  5. Everything You Need To Know About Tempering Chocolate

    Everything You Need To Know About Tempering Chocolate

    When it comes to chocolate, not every product is created equal. The two most notable differences: real chocolate versus confectionery coatings or compounds. Real chocolate is made with cocoa butter and has to include a certain percentage of chocolate liquor in its ingredients. Confectionery coatings have a vegetable oil base and may or may not include cocoa butter and/or chocolate liquor at all. Each of these chocolate products requires different preparation methods in order to achieve the best possible finished product. Real chocolate needs to be tempered if you plan to use it to make candies or other dipped items. Tempering will give the chocolate the perfect snap and sheen as well as ensure it sets properly. Tempering also helps bring out the best possible flavor of the chocolate and who wouldn’t want that? If these qualities aren’t important to you in your finished product and you plan to consume it within 24 hours, you can bypass the tempering process. You can also skip tempering if you’ll be using your chocolate in baking or plan to use it immediately, such as to an ice cream topping.

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  6. Best Candy Gifts for Mother’s Day

    Best Candy Gifts for Mother’s Day

    If there’s one thing you never outgrow, it’s candy. That means your parents probably love candy as much as you do. So this Mother’s Day, instead of being one of mom’s many flower deliveries (your dad is all over it), surprise her with something she’ll really love! We’ve got some suggestions for the best candy gifts to make your mom feel special this Month

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  7. 2019 Retail Confectioners Convention & Industry Expo

    2019 Retail Confectioners Convention & Industry Expo

    We’re so excited to be exhibiting at the year’s Retail Confectioners Convention & Industry Expo! It’s such a wonderful event that we look forward to attending every year. Not only do we enjoy exhibiting our best wholesale confectionery products, but we love meeting new people and running into some of our oldest and best customers. In addition to the expo, the five-day event also includes an array of education sessions, workshops, clinics, tours, and fun social gatherings. This event is not to be missed!

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  8. 5 Ways To Add Sprinkles To Your Confections

    5 Ways To Add Sprinkles To Your Confections

    Here at Royal, we were super excited when a brand new line of sprinkles arrived at our warehouse. We had been anticipating their arrival because we knew that our customers were eager to try them and we knew they would love them as much as we do. Their fun, bright colors and perfect texture make them a great addition to so many confections we thought we’d share a few sweet ideas with you. So be sure to stock up on these awesome sprinkles in a variety of colors to use on your treats and mix into custom color combinations!

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  9. Tips & Tricks for the Ultimate Candy Buffet

    Tips & Tricks for the Ultimate Candy Buffet

    Special occasions are always best celebrated with candy. There’s no better way to congratulate a couple on their engagement, shower a soon-to-be mom, or recognize employee accomplishments than by designating a whole table to all of their favorite candies! As event season really kicks into high gear, a candy buffet is a perfect way to make every graduation, wedding, shower or get together on your schedule extra special. Impress your guests with these tips & tricks to the ultimate candy buffet.

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  10. America’s Favorite Jelly Bean Flavors

    America’s Favorite Jelly Bean Flavors

    If your Easter baskets each year look like most, they probably always include some jelly beans. And this year, National Jelly Bean Day happened to be the very next day! So after just celebrating both holidays with lots of our Jelly Belly bites, we got to thinking about what types of jelly bean flavors people like the most. With over 200 flavors out there, we did some research on America’s favorite jelly bean flavors so you could have the answers.

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