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Monthly Archives: April 2019

  1. How Will Gen Z Eat?

    How Will Gen Z Eat?

    Move over Millennials, Gen Z is taking over and redefining the food industry. Their shopping style and eating habits will have a significant impact in shaping the food and beverage landscape over the next several years. So what is this demographic of current 11-22 year olds looking for when it comes to food? Here’s what we know:

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  2. White Chocolate White Out

    White Chocolate White Out

    At Royal Wholesale, we love all kinds of chocolate. Sometimes we think that white chocolate fails to get the attention that it truly deserves. Maybe it’s because its “technically” not chocolate. Maybe it’s just because it’s simply not as popular as it’s milk and dark counterparts. Either way, we think white chocolate is great. We have it available in so many different brands and types that we know we have the perfect white chocolate product for you no matter what confections you wish to make. Here are a few of our favorite white chocolate products that we highly recommend you try.

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  3. 8 Delicious Springtime Candy Recipes

    8 Delicious Springtime Candy Recipes

    Move over, rich heavy desserts - spring has sprung, which means we’re in the mood for some fresh and exciting new flavors! From zesty citrus and bold floral flavors to bright pastels and twists on the classic Peeps, there’s a fun and tasty way for everyone to celebrate spring. Check out these 8 delicious springtime candy recipes and give them a try for yourself!

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  4. Don’t Be Fooled By These 8 Candy Myths

    Don’t Be Fooled By These 8 Candy Myths

    In a lot of ways, candy has really gotten a bad (w)rap over the years. And while many candy lovers are willing to ignore the rumors and indulge in their favorite sweets anyway, we think it’s time everyone knows the truth. With April Fools right around, we’ve chosen the high road this year and are here to help you avoid being fooled by these 8 candy myths any longer! 

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  5. All New Easter Candy Filling Baskets This Year!

    All New Easter Candy Filling Baskets This Year!

    Move over, chocolate bunnies and eggs- there are some new candy players in the game this year. Our favorite candy companies have been really busy gearing up for one of the best candy holidays of the year with a whole new lineup of awesome sweets. From creative flavor twists on the classics to all-new, bold creations, we cannot wait to try them all! Check out all the new Easter candy filling baskets 

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  6. 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gummy Bears

    10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gummy Bears

    Name someone who doesn’t love gummy bears. We’ll wait. It’s pretty hard to ever pass up these chewy, fruity little guys that have been sticking to our teeth and satisfying our sweet cravings for decades. They’re cute and they’re colorful, but they’re also somewhat mysterious. So even if you’re infamous for always having a bag on-hand wherever you go, there’s still some bear-y interesting facts about them we bet you haven’t heard. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about gummy bears - and if you did, kudos to you!

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