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  • Pocket Guide: Why Pinterest is Great for Your Store

    Using Pinterest to increase your candy store’s brand awareness is one of the smartest and easiest choices that you can make. Last year, Pinterest began to focus more on their business users by launching ‘Pinterest for Business’. Pinterest for Business has opened up a myriad of doors for company accounts with additions like: Promoted Pins, Pin It button embedding, Pinterest Analytics, and Rich Pins. These add-ons have given businesses an immense amount of reasons to start using this awesome social media platform. Continue reading

  • Confectionery Trends for 2016

    The confectionery industry is truly growing at a rapid pace. The candy market has continued to see positive growth throughout 2015 and 2016 looks even brighter. With many big candy players already dominating the industry, newcomers are looking to shake things up. As consumers continue to spend more on sweet products, businesses are looking to provide more creative and sophisticated confectionery options. Here are some of the top confectionery trends for 2016. Continue reading

  • How To Store Your Chocolate

    A major problem our clients encounter is chocolate storage. Of course, the best place for chocolate storage should be in your mouth. However, for a business owner with copious pounds of chocolate, this could be a real issue. Continue reading

  • Philadelphia Candy Show

    The eager staff members (including myself) of Royal Wholesale Candy were all set and ready to go at the 132nd Philadelphia Candy Show. We were all very excited to meet new candy lovers and show them our newest candy collections for Halloween and Christmas, along with some new trendy candies. This was the first time I ever attended a candy show and I didn’t know what to expect. I was looking forward to meeting potential buyers (especially some of our longtime customers) and of course, being able to try some delicious candies! Continue reading

  • Lights! Cameras!...Candy!

    With the increase in all things movie and television-based, having character themed parties seems like a natural fit. Whether it's Pixar characters like Toy Story or comic characters from the Marvel family, people love incorporating these elements into their events. At Royal Wholesale Candy we have all the supplies your customers need to recreate their favorite movie themes. Continue reading

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