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Royal Wholesale Blog

  • All New Easter Candy Filling Baskets this Year!

    Move over, chocolate bunnies and eggs- there are some new candy players in the game this year. Our favorite candy companies have been really busy gearing up for one of the best candy holidays of the year with a whole new lineup of awesome sweets. From creative flavor twists on the classics to all-new, bold creations, we cannot wait to try them all! Check out all the new Easter candy filling baskets this year. Continue reading

  • 8 Delicious Springtime Candy Recipes

    Move over, rich heavy desserts - spring has sprung, which means we’re in the mood for some fresh and exciting new flavors! From zesty citrus and bold floral flavors to bright pastels and twists on the classic Peeps, there’s a fun and tasty way for everyone to celebrate spring. Check out these 8 delicious springtime candy recipes and give them a try for yourself! Continue reading

  • Top Things Off With Our New Sprinkles & Nonpareils

    As you know, there’s always something new to check out at Royal Wholesale! Today, we’re thrilled to announce some sweet additions to our Ice Cream and Cake Toppings category. We now carry a variety of colorful sprinkles and nonpareils from Scala Wisell International! They’re just what you need for topping ice cream, cake pops, chocolate treats, doughnuts and more. Continue reading

  • Don’t Be Fooled By These 8 Candy Myths

    In a lot of ways, candy has really gotten a bad (w)rap over the years. And while many candy lovers are willing to ignore the rumors and indulge in their favorite sweets anyway, we think it’s time everyone knows the truth. With April Fools right around, we’ve chosen the high road this year and are here to help you avoid being fooled by these 8 candy myths any longer!  Continue reading

  • The Health Benefits of Mint

    Not everyone loves the cool, refreshing sensation that fills your mouth when you pop in a mint candy or gum. But what everyone should know is the incredible health benefits the herb behind that minty taste can provide! So next time you find yourself face to face with a peppermint hater, make sure they know what they’re missing out on! Here are 4 big-time health benefits of mint candies. Continue reading

  • 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gummy Bears

    Name someone who doesn’t love gummy bears. We’ll wait. It’s pretty hard to ever pass up these chewy, fruity little guys that have been sticking to our teeth and satisfying our sweet cravings for decades. They’re cute and they’re colorful, but they’re also somewhat mysterious. So even if you’re infamous for always having a bag on-hand wherever you go, there’s still some bear-y interesting facts about them we bet you haven’t heard. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about gummy bears - and if you did, kudos to you! Continue reading

  • Retro Chewing Gum

    As you probably already know, what’s old is always going to be new again at some point. This is particularly true when it comes to candy and confectionery. Retro candy and chocolate treats are constantly making comebacks and can be spotted on many specialty candy store shelves. Just check out the Retro Candy section on our website to see some of your old school favorites that have made sweet comebacks. We’re particularly excited to see three retro chewing gums back in our inventory. Continue reading

  • Why Does Salt Make Chocolate Taste Even Better?

    When we’re craving something sweet, we expect as much sweetness as possible, right? So ever wonder why your favorite brownie recipe calls for a pinch of salt? It sounds counterproductive, but while some chefs will claim salt helps balance out the sweetness for a more pleasant taste, others say it actually makes sugar sweeter. So we’ve decided to get to the bottom of exactly why salt makes chocolate taste even better. Here’s what we know: Continue reading

  • The 7 Best Hot Chocolate Recipes for Any Time of Year

    It’s safe to say that all across the country this winter, the weather has been weird. Bitter cold and snow covered one day, warm and sunny the next, meanwhile a neighboring city is stuck in torrential downpours. It’s hard to figure out how long winter will be with us or what else it has in store, but one thing always remains consistent throughout the year: our love for hot chocolate. Whether it’s starting to snow or bloom outside, a rich and decadent cup of hot cocoa will make any day better. So here are the 7 best hot chocolate recipes for any time of year. Continue reading

  • 6 Fun Easter Chocolate Recipes

    Forget the dark and dreary days of winter-- Springtime is all about filling your days with fun, bright colors and warm, happy thoughts. We like to approach our sweets the same way. With Easter right around the corner and classic holiday candies filling the shelves, we’re so excited to get creative in the kitchen with some festive chocolate treats! Check out these fun Easter chocolate recipes everyone can enjoy all season! Continue reading

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