Best Retro Candies for the Ultimate Tasty Throwback

Choosing some of our favorite retro candies was a sweet, but challenging task. There are so many classics that we still love today. Thank goodness Royal Wholesale has them all, so you never have to give up on your favorites either! Just check out our Retro and Old Fashioned candy category to browse them all. And take a look at our top picks for best retro candies:

Red Hots
We love Red Hots because they’re a real mouthful. Nothing like challenging your friends to who can handle more of the intense, hot cinnamon flavor by eating a whole handful at a time. But for now, we’ll just stick to casually eating one or two at a time until the whole box is gone.

Swedish Fish
A throwback, really? Yes, really! Swedish Fish have stood the test of time, just as popular now as they were decades ago. As one of our favorite penny candies at the local pool while growing up, now you can get them in a 380 count large resealable bag so you can pack them up and take them to the pool for your little ones.

Fun Dip
Accurately named Fun Dip made eating candy just as entertaining as it was tasty. Pure sugar dipped into more sugar… what’s not to love? Plus, flavor names like Razzapple and Cherry-yum are just so fun to say.

Now and Later
The longer the candy lasts the better. We couldn’t get enough of Now and Later as kids and now (or should we say later?), they’ve totally rebranded into a cool, modern-day candy loved by kids and adults alike. Chewy bites of bold, fruity flavors are just what we need to get us through a long workday.

Speaking of candies that never end… what’s more appealing than candy that literally never disappears! Gobstoppers had us sucking on the fruity flavor all day long without ever giving up. That is until Mom made us spit them out for dinner. Now that we're adults, we’ll eat them FOR dinner if we want!

Cow Tales
A stick of chewy caramel filled with yummy cream was one of our favorite ways to satisfy our sweet tooth growing up. We always wondered if cow tails were in fact involved in the making of the Cow Tales candy, but now we know the truth. In fact, the makers used “tales” vs. “tails” in order to help eliminate the confusion. Today, they’ve gotten even better with new flavors like strawberry, apple, and chocolate.

Willy Wonka knows candy best, and their Runts candies were no exception. There was something about these slightly tart hard shell candies that was (and still is) so addicting. And who didn’t love the fact that they were shaped like strawberries, grapes, apples, and more, so you could tell your parents you were getting your recommended daily serving of fruit.

At first it’s candy, then it’s gum. Little round Razzles are so much fun.” Two treats in one? Genius! Razzles is the sweet that just keeps on giving, morphing a tasty hard candy into a chewable gum. With the original and only flavor being Raspberry, Tootsie now offers a delicious assortment of five fruity flavors.

Bring on the throwbacks! Stock up on all your favorite retro candies at Royal Wholesale. Buying in bulk is the perfect way to take a trip down memory lane as often as you’d like.