The Royal Advantage: Catalog Quantity Box & Add Selected To Cart

The Royal Advantage is bigger than ever with the addition of our new Catalog Quantity Box and Add Selected To Cart website features! Get ready for an easier and faster shopping experience than you've ever seen before at Royal Wholesale. We know you won't be disappointed!

Prior to implementing this new website feature, adding an item to your cart was a multi-step process. Once locating the product you wanted via the search bar or menu options, you had to click on the product in order to get to the product's page. Once on this page of the website, you were able to add the item to your cart in the desired quantity.

Shopping in this manner is just fine if you only want to purchase one product, but we know our customers need to order multiple products when placing an order. This meant a lot of clicking back and forth across our website to get the items you need into your cart. This repetitive clicking just didn’t sit well with us as it's our goal to make your ordering process as quick and efficient as possible.

That’s where our newest website features Catalog Quantity Box and Add Selected To Cart come in. The Catalog Quantity Box allows you to specify the product quantity you want to purchase and add that specified quantity of product to your cart directly from the catalog page as opposed to the individual product page (although that option is still available). All you need to do is click the checkbox next to the item you want to add to your cart and then adjust the quantity in the box as needed. Once you've done this for all of the items on the catalog page you want to add to your cart, simply click the "Add Selected Products To Cart" button at the top of the page. That's it!

Catalog Quantity Boxes Catalog Quantity Boxes[

Want to add all the products on a catalog page to your cart? No problem! There's no need to check off every single box on the page. Simply adjust the product quantities as needed and click the "Add All Products On Page To Cart" and you're all set!

Add All Products On Page To Cart Add All Products On Page To Cart

The next time you need to place an order with us, we highly recommend that you try the Catalog Quantity Box and Add Selected To Cart features as they're guaranteed to save you a lot of time and frustration. Happy shopping!