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  1. Top 5 Crazy Candy Cane Flavors

    Top 5 Crazy Candy Cane Flavors

    No matter what it is you’re looking for these days, it seems like there are more options than ever. Just take a look at the choices you have in the cereal aisle of a supermarket or drive down a local street and count the number of pizza shops. Seeing as how National Candy Cane Day is December 26th, it had us thinking about how many new candy cane flavors have hit store shelves lately. While many of the new flavors sound delicious such as Swedish Fish and Cookies and Cream, others are downright weird. Here are 5 of the weirdest candy cane flavors you can try this holiday season.

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  2. With National Lollipop Day Approaching, Here Are the Best Lollipops for Kids

    With National Lollipop Day Approaching, Here Are the Best Lollipops for Kids

    If there's one thing kids love, it's candy. And with National Lollipop Day coming up on July 20th, it's the perfect time for kids--and adults--to indulge in the popular, sugary sweet. For most parents, lollipops seem to be the perfect treat to give to their kids. They're sweet and colorful, they're portable, they don't melt (unless they're trapped in a hot car all day), and they can be found just about anywhere, from banks to gas stations to family get-togethers. But with so many options, what are some of the best lollipops to offer kids?

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  3. America’s Favorite Jelly Bean Flavors

    America’s Favorite Jelly Bean Flavors

    If your Easter baskets each year look like most, they probably always include some jelly beans. And this year, National Jelly Bean Day happened to be the very next day! So after just celebrating both holidays with lots of our Jelly Belly bites, we got to thinking about what types of jelly bean flavors people like the most. With over 200 flavors out there, we did some research on America’s favorite jelly bean flavors so you could have the answers.

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  4. Best Kids Birthday Party Candy

    Best Kids Birthday Party Candy

    When it comes to birthday parties, one thing will always be true: there MUST be candy. If there isn’t, then you need to fire your party planner (even if that’s you). We know, we know; cake is usually the highlight of the day, but the best part about candy is the kids can enjoy it on the move, all party long! Plus, would party favors even exist without candy? Probably not. So as you start planning your next celebration, here are our recommendations for the best kids birthday party candy.

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  5. All New Easter Candy Filling Baskets This Year!

    All New Easter Candy Filling Baskets This Year!

    Move over, chocolate bunnies and eggs- there are some new candy players in the game this year. Our favorite candy companies have been really busy gearing up for one of the best candy holidays of the year with a whole new lineup of awesome sweets. From creative flavor twists on the classics to all-new, bold creations, we cannot wait to try them all! Check out all the new Easter candy filling baskets 

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  6. The Best Vegan Candies You Can Buy

    The Best Vegan Candies You Can Buy

    We know that vegans like their candy just as much as the next person, so don’t they deserve just as many options? The good news is Royal Wholesale has everyone covered with a huge selection of delicious candies for every dietary restriction. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular candy choices so you can get your sugar fix however your heart desires! No dairy, no gelatin and no regrets!

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  7. Best Hard Candies For National Hard Candy Day

    Best Hard Candies For National Hard Candy Day

    December 19th is National Hard Candy Day! We can't think of a sweeter way to celebrate than to share with you some of the best hard candies that we carry on our website. Of course, there's no need for it to be National Hard Candy Day to enjoy these sweet treats. They're perfect for enjoying any day of the year! No matter what your taste in candy is, there's bound to be a hard candy on our site that you'll love. We recommend that you start with the ones listed below since we know you'll love them as much as we do.

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  8. Suggestions For Meeting A Minimum Order

    Suggestions For Meeting A Minimum Order

    As you know, we've recently announced that our minimum order will be changing from $250 to $300 beginning on Monday, April 30th, 2018. At Royal Wholesale, we pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. For this reason, we've decided to increase our minimum order amount instead of raising the prices of our products, to help offset increased operating costs. It's been over 15 years since we've raised our minimum order and we hope you understand our need to do so. Of course, if you have any questions or concerns regarding this change, please feel free to contact us. In the meantime, below are some suggestions to assist you in meeting the new minimum order. As always, we thank you for shopping Royal Wholesale and greatly appreciate your patronage.

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  9. Confectionery Trends For Valentine's Day 2018

    Confectionery Trends For Valentine's Day 2018

    As many of you know, Valentine's Day is huge for the confectionery industry. According to the National Retail Federation, consumers spent over 1.7 billion dollars last year on candy and chocolate for the holiday. Valentine's Day 2018 is looking just as sweet for our industry. Below are some trends we can expect to see for Valentine's Day confectionery sales this year as well as some recommendations for how to capitalize on these trends.

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  10. Introducing Sweet's Salt Water Taffy

    Introducing Sweet's Salt Water Taffy

    Royal Wholesale is proud to announce that we now offer our customers delicious, high quality Sweet's Taffy! At Royal, we only carry the best available products and we truly believe that Sweet's Taffy is at the top of that list.

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