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vintage candy

  1. The Most Popular Retro Candy from Each Decade

    The Most Popular Retro Candy from Each Decade

    If there's one thing we all remember from our childhood, it's the candy. But each generation, candy makers offer new and crazy treats that kids carry memories of for a lifetime. Also, every decade has its unique candy trends, which has made for some wild and tasty sweets in the past. From the 50s to today, here are the most popular retro candies from each decade.

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  2. Tips for the Best Chocolate & Caramel Apples

    Tips for the Best Chocolate & Caramel Apples

    Choosing The Right Apples

    With summer coming to an end and fall right around the corner, we thought it was the perfect time to go over some helpful tips for creating perfect chocolate and caramel apples. Once you know the basics of making delicious chocolate and caramel apples, you can make all sorts of apples from simple to elegant and everything in between. As long as you’re using quality ingredients like those available from Royal Wholesale, the rest of the apple making process is fairly easy with a little bit of practice. Let’s get started!

    As important as it is to choose the right chocolate and caram

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  3. Retro Candy Is All The Rage

    Retro Candy Is All The Rage

    The saying "Everything old is new again" is certainly true, especially when it comes to candy. Consumers go crazy for old time, retro candies that transport them back in time to sweet moments of their childhood. Many people think that these candies of their childhood are distant memories, but when they spot them again on a store shelf, their eyes light up with joy and they're compelled to buy the candy for a taste of the old days. Stocking an array of retro candies can help your business capitalize on the popularity of these treats and increase your profits. Here are some of our top retro candy recommendations for your store.

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