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Pez Emoji Emoticon 12ct

Item #52355 12ct/box
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Pez Emoji's Emoticon12ct Happy Emoji, Kissing Emoji, LOLing Emoji, Love Emoji, Silly Emoji. Six-pack of PEZ candy dispensers Emoji-inspired designs Filled with sweet, sugary candies Assorted fruit flavor Pez Emojis are dispensers with emoji faces, similar to the Emoticon pez released originally in Australia, but with all new faces. The set of 5 USA emojis includes Kissing, Happy, Love, Silly and LOL'ing. The face that Pez Co. calls LOL'ing is the emoji selected as the Oxford University Press as the Word of the Year for 2015! Oxford's data shows that the LOL emoji made up nearly 20% of all emojis used in the US and the UK, while the Kissing emoji was second.
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Product Name Pez Emoji Emoticon 12ct
Ingredients sugar corn syrup adipic acid hydrogenated palm kernal & palm oils soybean oil (mono & diglycerides) natural & artificial flavors artificial color: strawberry FD&C red 3; orange FD&C yellow 6; grape: FD&C red 3, blue 2; lemon FD & C yellow 5 Serving size: 1 roll (9g) Calories 35 Total Fat 0g (0% of daily value*) 0 Trans Fat Sodium 0g (0% of daily value*) Total Carbohydrates 9g (3% of daily value*) Sugars 9g Protein 0g *Percent daily values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet
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