Jelly Belly Soda Pop Shoppe 1.5oz Bottles 24ct

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Jelly Belly Soda Pop Shoppe® jelly beans in small bottles. Five soft drink flavors. Feeling thirsty? Pop open a bottle from Jelly Belly’s Soda Pop Shoppe™! Five of the flavors from our authentic soft drink line have been placed in their own labeled, 1.5 oz bottles. This special case contains 24 bottles – five of 7UP®, five of Dr. Pepper®, five of Orange Crush®, four of Grape Crush® and five of A&W® Root Beer. They make great gifts!! Contains 24 1.5 oz bottles. Kosher Certified.
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Product Name Jelly Belly Soda Pop Shoppe 1.5oz Bottles 24ct
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