10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gummy Bears

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gummy Bears

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Name someone who doesn’t love gummy bears. We’ll wait. It’s pretty hard to ever pass up these chewy, fruity little guys that have been sticking to our teeth and satisfying our sweet cravings for decades. They’re cute and they’re colorful, but they’re also somewhat mysterious. So even if you’re infamous for always having a bag on-hand wherever you go, there’s still some bear-y interesting facts about them we bet you haven’t heard. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about gummy bears - and if you did, kudos to you!

  1. When They Were Invented & By Who
    First things first, gummy bears were invented in Bonn, Germany back in 1920 by a man named Hans Riegel. He was frustrated with his dead end job as a confectionary worker, so he started his own company, making hard, colorless candies using a large marble slab and a copper kettle in his kitchen, while his wife made all of the deliveries on her bike. This business is now the extremely successful Haribo Company we all know and love, which in fact, Hans named by combining the first two letters of his own first and last names, as well as his hometown. Hans Riegel of Bonn= Haribo.

  2. Their Name Comes from Their Main Ingredients
    The word “gummy” in gummy bear actually comes from the original thickener that Riegel used to produce the sweets. Their German name “Gummibären” was inspired by “gum arabic,” or the resin of an acacia tree, which thickens liquids at extremely low concentrations and has no added taste.

  3. They’re Made in a Fancy Machine
    When gummy bears are made, their bear-like shape is carved into plaster by an artist and then duplicated in a cornstarch-filled tray, called a starch mogul. During the process, the hot liquid is poured into the molds, and once they are set, the molds are turned out and the starch is recycled.

  4. These Shocking Flavor Facts
    You almost certainly had no idea that the green Haribo gummy bear is actually strawberry flavored! Because really, who would have thought!? The red bear is raspberry, unlike Trolli brand, whose red bear is strawberry and green is actually lime. Also, Haribo’s colorless gummy is pineapple, while Trolli’s is grape.

  5. They Could Be Good for Your Health
    While some variations may stick to your teeth when you eat them, a new form of gummy is being tested that contains xylitol- a germ-fighting additive that could actually help prevent cavities. Trolli has even developed a line of gummy candy, called acti-line, which improves your immune system, in addition to helping your teeth.

  6. There was a TV Show About Them
    Disney’s first major animated TV series was actually based on the candy. The idea came to be when the son of Disney CEO, Michael Eisner, requested the gummy one day. Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears aired from 1985 to 1991 and was a huge part of television viewing for the kids of that generation. Even the theme song had over 45 million views on YouTube. The show is credited with jump-starting the whole animation boom!

  7. A Massive Gummy Bear Exists
    The biggest gummy bear out there is 26 pounds, containing a whopping 32,000 calories. So….where do we get one?

  8. Celebrities Love Them Too.. Like a Lot
    Marilyn Manson loves gummy bears so much that he actually includes them on his backstage rider. But we’re more impressed by Jennifer Lawrence who managed to accidentally charge $500 in gummy bears to Lenny Kravitz’s hotel room one night.

  9. They’re Responsible for Our Gummy Obsession
    The success of the original gummy bear is what inspired the whole wave of gummy candies. Everything from worms, sharks, fruits and even hamburgers, were all a result of the gummy bear’s immense popularity. You know what they say about imitation...

  10. In England, They Prefer Jelly Babies
    Speaking of imitation, England actually had their own variation of gummy candy long before gummy bears were invented in Germany. Since the 1850’s, the British equivalent of gummy bears, Jelly Babies, have been satisfying sweet tooths of kids and adults alike. These candies are slightly firmer and less rubbery than the gummies we’re used to.

The gummy bear has quite a story to tell! And while all these lesser-known facts will make you the candy expert of all your friends, all you really need to know is where to get more! Royal Wholesale has every flavor of gummy bear you can imagine, including chocolate covered. Check out our extensive gummy selection and buy all of your favorites in bulk!


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