5 Ways To Add Sprinkles To Your Confections

5 Ways To Add Sprinkles To Your Confections

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Here at Royal, we were super excited when a brand new line of sprinkles arrived at our warehouse. We had been anticipating their arrival because we knew that our customers were eager to try them and we knew they would love them as much as we do. Their fun, bright colors and perfect texture make them a great addition to so many confections we thought we’d share a few sweet ideas with you. So be sure to stock up on these awesome sprinkles in a variety of colors to use on your treats and mix into custom color combinations!

Ice Cream

When most of us think about sprinkles, our minds automatically associate them with ice cream. And for good reason. Ice cream is so much prettier and tastier when topped with brightly colored sprinkles! These sprinkles are perfect for using on soft serve cones, sundaes, and so much more. They’re even great for other frozen confections like chocolate covered bananas and ice cream sandwiches.

Cake Pops

Making a delicious cake pop is all about texture. Your cake should be soft and moist, the chocolate coating smooth with a slight crisp, and adding the crunch of sprinkles on top will make your cake pops out of this world good. Be ready to decorate your cake pops for any occasion with sprinkles in every color!


The bright colors of sprinkles provide the perfect color contrast to any chocolate when making truffles. Make your truffles stand out from the crowd with sweet color combinations of sprinkles. They also add a sweet crunch to the smooth chocolate treats that can’t be beat.

Baked Goods

From cupcakes and cookies to donuts and cakes, sprinkles are the perfect way to top off any baked good item you can imagine! You can even bake sprinkles right into your treats for a fantastic funfetti creation!


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