6 Reasons Why Chocolate is the Best Gift

6 Reasons Why Chocolate is the Best Gift

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They say finding the perfect gift isn’t always easy. But we’re not really sure what those people are talking about. Chocolate has been one of the most popular gifts to give, dating all the way back over 4,000 years because even the ancient Mayans knew what people really wanted! After all this time, chocolate continues to be the highlight of any special occasion and the ideal choice for a “just because” surprise.  In case you need more convincing, here are 6 reasons why chocolate is the best gift:

  1. It Always Makes People Smile
    Chocolate has the amazing power to provide comfort, warmth and joy, no matter what the occasion. Like cozying up with a warm mug of hot chocolate on a cold day or receiving a box of “thinking of you” chocolates when you’re feeling down. Not only does cocoa literally contain mood-boosting antioxidants that increase endorphins in the brain, but there’s just something about this delicious, decadent confection that makes us feel loved (we have Valentine’s Day as proof). 

  2. It Creates Traditions & Memories
    Chocolate itself has a rich history based on traditions of family and friendship. Centuries ago in Central Mexico, Mayans drank chocolate as a treat during special events and ceremonies, and then was eventually shared by Europeans on holidays as an exception to religious fasting restrictions.  Now, with all of the premium coatings, wafers, chips and other chocolates we offer, you can create new traditions of baking and eating with your loved ones.  Chocolate has a special sentimental value for so many families and cultures.

  3. It Just Looks So Pretty
    No matter what flavor or type you prefer, premium chocolates are just naturally alluring without any help!  (Reference any chocolate commercial ever.) The simple snap of a chocolate bar or the drizzle of a creamy glaze is enough to woo anyone. Unlike cookies and cakes, there’s no need for fancy decorations or embellishments to look irresistible.  And while we do often gift wrap, package or customize them in fancy ways before giving them to someone we love, the best part is always the actual unveiling of the chocolate hidden inside.  This good-looking treat seriously makes gifting almost too easy.

  4. It’s An Affordable Luxury
    There are few luxuries out there that everyone can enjoy. Whatever budget you’re working with, you can find a fabulous chocolate treat for that special someone.  A small splurge for premium chocolate doesn’t go without BIG recognition, and what’s better is that buying them in bulk saves you even more. You can plan ahead on all your future gift giving with a bulk order of the very best premium chocolate brands from Royal Wholesale. Show your loved ones how much you care by treating them to something luxurious without paying a luxury price.

  5. It Offers Something For Everyone
    Chocolate is so versatile! With an array of flavors, textures and combinations, it caters to every taste. Whether the recipient has a child-like sweet tooth or a sophisticated palate, there’s a chocolate out there for them! From cookies and cream and salted caramel to cherry filling, brandy and more, chocolate offers so many options and pairs well with almost anything your heart desires. Everyone on your gift list can get exactly what they want!

  6. It Has Health Benefits
    How lucky is it that chocolate has added health benefits too? Not many desserts can say that. Dark chocolate is good for your heart, helping restore the flexibility of arteries and fighting against plaque build up, while a cup or two of hot chocolate a day can improve blood flow to the brain to help fight memory deterioration. And that whole thing about chocolate making you break out? Totally a myth! Dark chocolate is a great source of flavonoids which fight against skin damage. And that’s just to name a few. So when you think about it, a gift of chocolate is really a gift of good health too! :)

Choosing the perfect gift is really quite easy when you consider all the reasons why chocolate is the best option. The hardest decision you will have is choosing just one! (but no one says you have to!) For all of the best premium chocolate brands, candies and more, browse our extensive collection to find the right gift for you!


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