6 Ways to Make Chocolate Bark

6 Ways to Make Chocolate Bark

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The hardest thing about making chocolate bark is deciding what flavor combinations you want! The delicious chocolate treat itself is almost impossible to mess up, but the mix-in possibilities are endless!

Every chocolate bark recipe simply starts with melted chocolate. If chocolate chips or wafers are your product of choice, then you may want to add a little oil or shortening to achieve that rich, velvety texture that'll spread nice and thin for the perfect snap. We prefer using coating chocolates that melt very easily and harden nicely. (Fore more melting tips, see below!) Whatever you choose, the most important decision is what to add next!

Here are 6 delicious ways to make chocolate bark:

  1. Festie Peppermint

The holidays may be over, but this popular chocolate bark is too delicious and too easy to pass up! The perfect complement to crispy bites of peppermint is not only dark chocolate, but white chocolate too! That means double the rich chocolatey goodness in each beautiful, flavorful bite. Keep the magic of the holidays going all year long with this fan favorite bark!


  1. Refreshing Mint Chocolate

Mint and chocolate is an unbeatable combo that not only tastes delicious, but looks really cool too! Andes mints help give this milk chocolate bark a refreshingly minty flavor, while a little peppermint oil takes it to the next level! Add a spritz of green food coloring (or even use green chocolate melting wafers!) and you can create a beautiful swirled look that adds pizzazz to any dessert plate.


  1. Ice Cream Sundae Imposter

Who needs ice cream when you have creamy white or milk chocolate to hold all your favorite toppings? This chocolate bark takes the best sundae ingredients and makes them even more fun and easy to eat! With everything from rainbow sprinkles and mini M&M's to brownie bits and waffle cone pieces, this messy sweet treat is loaded with texture and flavor. Customize the bark with all of your favorite toppings (caramel, marshmallows, nuts and more) to enjoy a completely different sundae bark every time you make it!


  1. Unicorn Fun

This incredibly fun and colorful recipe is perfect for the kids' table! Brighten up their birthday and impress their friends with cool pastels, sparkling candy pearls and sprinkles all mixed into delicious white chocolate. Simply by dragging a toothpick or knife through various colors of melted candy coating, you'll have a mystical, edible masterpiece in no time!


  1. White Chocolate and Pistachios

This is one chocolate bark that's almost too gorgeous to eat! Bright green pistachios and ruby red cranberries against a creamy white backdrop are an exquisite addition to any party dessert menu! With a nutty crunch and soft, gooey texture in each and every bite, making this chocolate bark one of your go-to dessert recipes is a no-brainer!


  1. Strawberries and Cream

With fruit as one of the main ingredients, you can feel less guilty about grabbing seconds (or thirds)! Pick up some freeze-dried strawberries and grind half into a fine powder. This will add extra flavor and a great pink swirl in the white chocolate palate, while larger strawberry chunks add a big flavor punch to each bite. These pretty little barks are perfect for Valentine's Day!


Potato chips, almonds, coconut, even cayenne pepper the list goes on and on! With high-quality chocolate that melts in your mouth, you really can't go wrong with any tasty mix-in you choose. Browse our selection of premium chocolates to stock up on all the white, dark and milk chocolates you'll need to try all the delicious flavor combinations of chocolate bark!

How to melt chocolate like a pro:

-Place your chocolate in a shallow metal bowl.

-Let that bowl sit over a small pot of warm water on the stove top, keeping the temp around 110-115 degrees fahrenheit.

-Let the chocolate sit as you stir every 5 minutes or so with a spatula.

-Continue for about 15 minutes for deliciously creamy melted chocolate!

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