All New Easter Candy Filling Baskets This Year!

All New Easter Candy Filling Baskets This Year!

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Move over, chocolate bunnies and eggs- there are some new candy players in the game this year. Our favorite candy companies have been really busy gearing up for one of the best candy holidays of the year with a whole new lineup of awesome sweets. From creative flavor twists on the classics to all-new, bold creations, we cannot wait to try them all! Check out all the new Easter candy filling baskets 

White Chocolate Marshmallow M&M’s
With big white chocolate flavor and a hint of marshmallowy goodness, these M&M’s are just what the Easter bunny ordered. They come in light blue, white, and beigy pastels to fit right into any Easter basket or holiday dessert table.

Russell Stover Cinnamon Sugar Churro & Lemon Pucker Eggs
Russell Stover really outdid themselves this year with not one, but TWO bold new flavors! Their Cinnamon Sugar Churro Egg is a beautiful combination of light and fluffy marshmallow on the inside with a crunchy candy coating and real cinnamon on the outside. If you’re feeling more sour than sweet this Easter, then you’ll want to grab their Lemon Pucker Eggs, which pair that same fluffy marshmallow with a tart candy coating that will leave you squinting with joy.

Cadbury Shimmer Mini Eggs
We already love Cadbury Eggs, so even the slightest twist on this candy will get us excited. And this is definitely it as Cadbury announced their release of Shimmer Mini Eggs. The beloved hard candy shell that encloses that deliciously rich Cadbury chocolate is now coated in sparkling, edible glitter! The traditional springtime pastels get a major upgrade with these new candies and so will any Easter basket they’re added to this year!

Reese’s Pieces Eggs
It was just a matter of time for this new candy creation. Everyone’s Easter favorite Reese’s Egg is now filled with mini Reese’s Pieces, which of course takes after their Reese’s Pieces Peanut Butter Cups, released in 2016. Is there really any question they’ll be a hit?

Sour Patch Kids Marshmallows
It must be something about springtime that makes us love marshmallow even more because all sorts of marshmallow treats seem to fill our baskets every year. And now Sour Patch Kids is getting in on the action with a marshmallow version of their iconic sour gummies. Their fun, fruity flavors include redberry, lime, blue raspberry and orange flavors.

Easter Egg Oreos
Ok, they may not be candy, but would anyone really be mad to find Oreos in their Easter basket? And this year, they’ve decided to really look the part with their new limited-edition Easter egg shapes with four different holiday designs, plus a light purple cream filling. So in this year’s basket, we think we can definitely make space between our favorite candies for some egg-shaped cookies.

White Chocolate Carrot Cake Dove Promises
It’s like the Easter bunny came up with these himself! If you’ve been hoping your love for both chocolate and carrot cake would come together in one incredible sweet, then your dreams have finally come true. These rich bites of white chocolate offer a blast of carrot cake flavor with a hidden crunch of graham-flavored crisps.

An Easter without Peeps is like a birthday without cake. Every year, we get new flavors and shapes from these melt-in-your-mouth marshmallow candies, and this year is no exception. In fact, it may be the best Easter yet with FIVE new Peeps this year! Choose from new Root Beer Float Peeps, Peeps Filled Delights with chocolate caramel swirl, Pancakes & Syrup, Cotton Candy, or Orange Sherbert. They’ve even gone one step further to bring us Peeps Jelly Beans and Milk Chocolate Bunnies! Thank you, Peeps.

With all these new incredible candies coming out, it going to be hard to wait until the Easter bunny comes to start digging in! In the meantime, you can get your hands on all the classic Easter candies in bulk and discover what’s new at Royal Wholesale. Just hop right to our Easter themed candy category to save time finding all your favorites!


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