Best Candy Gifts for Mother’s Day

Best Candy Gifts for Mother’s Day

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If there’s one thing you never outgrow, it’s candy. That means your parents probably love candy as much as you do. So this Mother’s Day, instead of being one of mom’s many flower deliveries (your dad is all over it), surprise her with something she’ll really love! We’ve got some suggestions for the best candy gifts to make your mom feel special this Month

Jelly Belly Classic Cocktails
If your mom appreciates a good cocktail, then she’ll really get excited about these flavors from Jelly Belly. Her days are always busy taking care of everyone else, so now she can treat herself with the classic flavors of her favorite cocktails whenever she wants! Raise her spirits with Margarita, Pina Colada, Mojito, Peach Bellini, and more… cheers!

Alberts Belgian Milk Chocolate Long Stem Roses

One-up dad’s bouquet with these delicious edible long stem roses! They’re individually wrapped to make it easy to savor each one, but when all together, they make the most beautiful arrangement. Alberts Belgian chocolate is so rich and creamy, these flowers may disappear faster than dad’s real ones, but she’ll definitely enjoy them so much more.

Jelly Belly Pancakes & Maple Syrup

Can’t make mom breakfast in bed? Make it up to her with breakfast in a bag! She’ll get a kick out of the thought behind this gift. Jelly Belly comes through with Pancakes & Maple Syrup flavored jelly beans; perfect for snacking anywhere, at any time of day. And sticking to the tradition, now the buttery taste of homemade pancakes and rich maple syrup is way less difficult for her to enjoy in bed.

Retro Candy
What may be “retro” to you is near and dear to your mom’s heart. Treat her to a real throwback with one of her favorite childhood candies. She’ll love taking a trip down memory lane as she shares with you all the memories between her and her parents that these candies spark. From Charleston Chews and Concord Razzles to World Candy Cigarettes and more, Royal Wholesale can help you give her something extra special with our selection of retro candy by the decade.

Guittard Pastel Mints

These Smooth n’ Melty Mints are elegant and sophisticated, just like mom. For decades, Guittard Pastel Mints have been a refreshing, melt-in-your-mouth candy shared and enjoyed at celebrations of all kinds. So really celebrate mom this Mother’s Day with her own stash of these beloved mints!

Gertrude Hawk or Ashers Truffles

Does your mom love her morning coffee? Is her favorite indulgence is a slice of decadent cherry cheesecake? Maybe she’s a sucker for the sweet and salty combo of chocolate and caramel. Whatever your mom’s thing may be, there’s a delicious ganache-filled truffle to match. Gertrude Hawk and Ashers are the very best at knowing just what flavor pairings are sure to please with coffee caramel, milk chocolate mint, white chocolate cheesecake, white orange and vanilla, and so much more! You’re sure to be the favorite child with any of these incredible truffles.

With these great Mother’s Day candy gifts, your mom will be reminded of how much she means to you with every bite. If you’re looking for more ideas or want to stock up on your mom’s favorite candies, browse our entire selection of premium candies, and check out our Mother’s Day category for inspiration!


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