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Best Chocolate & Candy Treats for the Thanksgiving Table this Year

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Thanksgiving is so close, our mouths are already watering as we think about all the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and endless trays of food we're about to consume. But even once we clean our plates, there's somehow ALWAYS room for dessert. And we believe the holidays are all about treats that look as good as they taste! We've got a helpful list of all the chocolates and candies that will make decorating your Thanksgiving table easy AND edible! After all, why would you waste room on the table with decorations you can't eat?

Pumpkin Spice Malt Balls

Pumpkin spice sure sounds nice! But why bake a whole pumpkin pie when you can enjoy a mouthful of pumpkin spice flavor with these bite-sized malt ballsby Koppers? Fill a bowl for the center of the table and watch them disappear as guests snack on these trendy little treats for their smooth milk chocolate shells with a crunchy malt center.

Milk Chocolate Pretzels with Reese's Pieces

No one does chocolate covered pretzels better than Asher's. And their decision to cover them in mini Reese's Pieces is sheer genius, especially this time of year. Not only the perfect combination of salty, sweet and crunchy to satisfy every part of your post-dinner sweet tooth, but they also look the part too! With the yellows, oranges and browns of Reese's Pieces, they're the perfect table topper to match all your Thanksgiving decor!

Candy Corn

A no-brainer for any fall gathering! Halloween may be over, but we're just getting started on our candy corn consumption. What you may not know is that candy corn was originally marketed as 'Chicken Feed' to target America's large agricultural roots and were enjoyed year round, so they're totally fair game and totally perfect for Thanksgiving! Jelly Belly offers a premium quality version of this classic mellocreme treat, and we've got 10 pound bulk bags, so you'll never run out!

Chocolate Footballs

Would it even be Thanksgiving without football? Whether your posted up all day watching the NFL or playing in your own backyard brawl, these Thompson Chocolate Foiled Footballs are the perfect way to celebrate one of Thanksgiving's best traditions. And you certainly don't have to be a football fan to appreciate the rich, creamy taste of Thompson's milk chocolate.

Crystal Root Beer Sticks

There's something about the warming vanilla flavor and deep spiciness of root beer that just screams fall. These Crystal Root Beer Sticks by Dryden Palmer capture all that delicious flavor in a fun sugar candy on a stick! They couldn't be more perfect to accent your Thanksgiving centerpieces, and since they're already unwrapped, they're sure to fly off the table.

Fall Themed Melting Chocolate

You can really step up your Thanksgiving desserts with Merckens rainbow wafers and coatings. Stock up on pounds of yellow, orange, tan and brown wafers that you can melt into a delicious fondue or drizzle with no tempering at all! Let your imagination run wild as you add a decadent fall touch to any and all of your holiday treats.

Jelly Pumpkins

Zachary sure knows their gummies. And the little jelly pumpkins by this confectionery company are no exception! These bite-sized seasonal favorites are bursting with orange flavor and add the perfect decorating element to your holiday with their fun gourd shapes. Use them to top the table or any of your Thanksgiving desserts!

Even if it's tradition to recreate Grandma's famous apple pie or pumpkin roll is a must for Uncle Jim, there's always more room for more sweets! With a long day of cooking, eating and family time ahead of you, make sure you've got chocolates and candies on every table in the house!

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