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Candies To Suit Everyone's Tastes

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Everyone loves candy. But not everyone loves the same candy. But the good news is, our website makes it easy to pick and choose which types of candies you need to appeal to the everyone's tastes and needs. How? With a wholesale candy site that allows you to search by almost every type of category you can possibly think of. Here are a couple to get you started:

Kosher Dairy & Kosher Pareve

If a 'must be kosher' party is on the calendar, you'll be prepared. With our Kosher candy categories, you can assure your customers that they can stock up on delicious sweets without worrying about breaking any dietary laws. Choose from melt-in-your-mouth Georgia Nut Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels or classic Hershey Kisses in our Kosher Dairy selection or search our Kosher Pareve (or neutral- no dairy or meat) options for Airheads, Cordials, Mike & Ikes and more. 

Dietary Restrictions

Vegan-friendly, sugar-free, gluten-free... you name it, we've got a category for it! Whether a healthy life choice or a strict allergen requirement, you can make everyone happy by offering options for every unique diet. You'll be known as the place that has it ALL! Check out all of our Dietary Restrictions categories.


For the kid in all of us, you have to make sure you've got the classics! Adults deserve a little taste of their childhood with all their favorite throwbacks. You can offer a trip back in time through each and every decade from the 40's to the 90's. And let's not forget penny candy! Search timeless sweets like Candy Cigarettes, Now & Laters, Razzles and more in our Retro/Old Fashioned section.


When we say themes, we mean every and all holidays and special occasions you can imagine! With the World Series right around the corner, stock up on Big League Chew in our Sports section to get in the spirit.  If the next kids' movie to hit the big screen is all the rage, then shop our TV/Cartoon themed sweets, which includes treats from Frozen and Star Wars. And you won't need luck next March 17th to sell lots of sweets with green candies and gold coins with our St. Patrick's Day selection. Stay trendy with our all-encompassing Themes category.


When it comes to candy, a favorite color is more than just looks; it's what tastes the best too! Every color has its own unique flavor, specific to each brand, so it’d be nice to have all the options laid out for you. We've got you covered in our Colors category. Are blue raspberry Dum Dums flying off the shelf? Is everyone leaving behind the black licorice Jelly Bellys? And let's be honest, we know everyone's favorite Starburst is pink. No matter what your customers are craving or not craving, you’ll be able to make them happy! Even the holidays and Fall season have their own color-specific selections to choose from.

Weekly Deals

Who doesn't love a good deal? If you're not looking for anything specific, then why not appeal to one of YOUR favorite types of candy: discounted candy! Check out our Weekly Deals category for what's featured each week, or explore our Sales for an even larger selection of great deals.

Best Sellers

Sometimes it's not about trying to appease all the special requests out there, but appealing to the masses! Our Best Sellers category presents all of the top picks that other candy shops and vendors are constantly restocking their shelves with as they keep selling fast! That means all your Must-Haves are in one place for you to browse.

Sometimes you really CAN make everyone happy! and this is the easiest way to do it! Search all of our unique categories to find exactly what you and your customers are looking for, so that everyone who walks through your door can leave with something delicious!

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