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Candy Trends: Super Sour Candy

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While some candy trends come and go, others steadfastly remain and continue to grow in popularity over the years. One such candy trend that has remained and grown more popular recently is sour candy. The demand for sour candy is on the rise and not just any sour candy will do. Consumers have been demanding that confectionery manufacturers not only produce more sour candy flavors and textures, but also that they make the sourness more lip puckering and tear-inducing than ever before. Luckily for you as retailers, manufacturers have have risen to the challenge. So when your customers ask for the best sour candies on the market, you can rest assured that Royal Wholesale has you covered! Below you will find a few of the most interesting, tasty and oh so sour candies that we carry that we're positive you and your customers will love.

Topps Juicy Drop Gummies

This product offers a double dose of sourness with delicious sour-sanded gummies and the signature Juicy Drop sour gel pen. Fill the "drop zone" on the gummy with the tasty sour gel from the gel pen for an amazing taste experience!

Juicy Drop Gummies

Airheads Xtreme Bites Rainbow Berry

Airheads Xtremes Bites are incredibly popular with Airheads fans and sour candy fans alike. Xtreme Bites are sour rainbow berry fruit flavored chewy candy bites that are perfect for sharing and eating on the go.

Airheads Xtreme Bites Rainbow Berry

Too Tarts Sugar Free Candy Spray

Talk about a different candy texture! This sweet treat is a spray candy! Sugar free and sweetened with real fruit juice, each serving of this super sour spray has a full day's recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C!

Too Tarts Sugar Free Candy Spray

Toxic Waste Sour Smog Balls

Get ready for some over the top super sour flavor in Toxic Waste Sour Smog Balls! These tear-jerking treats feature a delicious crunchy sour candy shell with an amazing sour chewy center!

Toxic Waste Smog Balls

Kidsmania Sour Flush Candy Toilet

The Sour Flush Candy Toilet is the perfect sour treat for kids and novelty candy enthusiasts. This 2-in-1 sour treat features two sour "toilet plunger" lollipops that you dip into the sour powder candy filled toilet. Bet you've never seen a toilet this tasty!

Sour Flush Toilet


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