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Chocolate Covered What? 8 Unusual Chocolate Covered Treats

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As a leading chocolate distributor, you know we'd never turn down a chocolatey treat. We believe chocolate makes everything better, and if you're like us, then you've probably enjoyed your fair share of chocolate covered snacks. But some of these combos have even us a little skeptical. How many of these bizarre chocolate covered foods are you willing to try?

  1. Onions While many don't like the idea of eating raw onion to begin with, Philadelphians beg to differ as chocolate covered onions are a staple in the city's candy shops. While onions may be similar in texture to apples, which are commonly paired with chocolate, the taste isn't at all comparable. Heads up- this combo tastes almost exactly how you'd expect.  

  2. Seaweed Seaweed itself may be an acquired taste, so maybe we just need to give this combo some time to grow on us. Not many are willing to put this algae on their dinner plate, let alone eat it from a bag, but it seems to be hit in different parts of the world. Adventurous eaters can find chocolate covered seaweed in stores all over Korea. 

  3. Pickles We're well aware of the deep fried pickle, but chocolate covered pickles' really? Well, you'll see more than enough recipes online to suggest people are all about giving this combo a try. The crunchy, vinegary goodness of pickles doesn't sound like it would mix well with the sweetness of chocolate, but who are we to judge?

  4. Cheetos With all that cheesy goodness, do Cheetos really need a touch of chocolate? Whoever coined this idea was probably borrowing from the sweet and salty coupling of the popular chocolate covered potato chip, but we're still not so sure.  At least coating them in chocolate helps you avoid those orange, cheese covered fingers after snacking!

  5. Lemons Finally, something sweet on the list (kinda). Fruit is one of the most popular chocolate pairings, but do lemons really fall into that category? The bitter taste of this juicy fruit is tough to swallow on its own, but maybe chocolate helps tone down the sour with a touch of sweet that's actually enjoyable. Only one way to find out!

  6. Crickets/Ants It's hard to imagine even delicious chocolate can make the thought of eating bugs any less gross, but many people believe firmly in crickets and ants being a good source of protein; more so than beef or pork! So in an attempt to make them more appealing, they've created a chocolate covered snack. There are mixed reviews on this one, but you never know until you try!

  7. Corn Dogs There are few carnival dessert foods that you WON'T find covered, dipped or sprinkled in chocolate, but this one still has people a little confused. While corn dogs already have a hint of sweetness to them that may blend well with chocolate, it's the meat underneath that would certainly make for a unique eating experience.

  8. Jalapenos Mexican chocolate ice cream is totally a (delicious) thing, so why not chocolate dipped Jalapenos? The same hint of spicy chili pepper that people enjoy mixed into a frozen treat is just taken up a bold notch with this unique blend of zesty and sweet taking your taste buds on a flavor adventure. We'd give it a go.

While you may not be experimenting with the strangest chocolate pairings out there, you know where you can find everyone's favorites! Contact us to learn more about our bulk candy for sale online, so you can stock up classic treats, new candies and much more!  

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