Create Caramel Confections With Merckens & Peter’s Caramel

Create Caramel Confections With Merckens & Peter’s Caramel

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When you have caramel with a rich, buttery flavor and smooth, creamy texture, it’s truly a treat that’s hard for anyone to resist. But not all caramel products are created equal. That’s where Peter’s and Merckens caramel come into play. These high-quality caramel products rise above the rest with their attention to detail when it comes to flavor, texture, and ease of use. Whether you need a liquid caramel or a loaf, these first-rate brands have just what you need to create decadent confectionery treats that will delight the senses. 

For over a century, candy makers have relied on Merckens caramel to deliver consistent taste and texture, ensuring that their confections meet their exacting quality standards. Merckens Vanilla Caramel is specifically formulated to make exceptional caramel clusters, caramel apples, and a multitude of other caramel treats. With a hint of vanilla, this quality caramel provides a differentiating flavor profile that will leave you and your customers wanting more. Composed of only the best ingredients, Merckens Vanilla Caramel is a top choice of confectioners the world over. 

Like Merckens Caramel, Peter’s Caramel tops the charts for those who are looking to achieve confectionery excellence. Renowned for its superb texture and a hint of toasted sweetness, Peter’s Caramel is a go-to product for professional and novice confectioners alike. Peter’s Caramel Loaf is perfect for coating caramel apples with a bright sheen that is sure to impress as well as delectable varieties of caramel clusters. If its liquid caramel you’re looking for, look no further than Peter’s Liquid Caramel. This velvety liquid caramel is ideal for creating smooth candy fillings or for topping off ice cream and other desserts. 

No matter what kind of caramel confections you’re aiming to create, Peter’s and Merckens have the high-quality caramel products you need to achieve unparalleled results. For the best prices on the freshest Merckens and Peter’s Caramel, shop Royal Wholesale today.


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