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Dynamic Candy Combos are the Newest Trend

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Whoever said 'two heads are better than one' was most likely talking about WarHeads. But of course, we believe the whole concept of 'more is better' applies to ALL candy. We're thinking not only in terms of quantity, but also when two or more of everyone's favorite types of candies combine for the ultimate sweet treat. We've put together a list of some awesome candy combos that are new to our product list, so you can win over your customers with double the deliciousness.

WarHeads Dippin' Rings

Think Warheads turned Ring Pop(-y) and Fun Dip(-ish) for this incredible mashup. Each pack has a sweet lollipop ring that you can dunk into a flavor-packed dipping powder full of the awesome sourness that WarHeads is known for.  Each WarHeads Dippin Ring carton comes with 8 packs, including two combos: a blue raspberry ring pop with sour green apple powder and watermelon ring pop with sour blue raspberry powder.

WarHeads Twisted Taffy Rolls

The lip smacking, sour tartness of Warheads fuses with a classic candy shop favorite with their Twisted Taffy Rolls. The typically hard candy becomes a soft, chewy taffy that can be stretched, pulled and enjoyed however you please! Each taffy comes rolled up in two flavors for double the treat for your tastebuds. Each box of 15 taffy rolls has blue raspberry/green apple and strawberry/orange to choose from.

Topps Baby Bottle Pop Popping Powder

What's better than a tasty Baby Bottle Pop lollipop? A Baby Bottle Pop with popping powder! The fizzing sensation that everyone craves from candies like Pop Rocks is now in a pouch of fruity powder, yes, we said pouch. That means more powder and more flavor to coat your pop! And it's taken the classic lollipop form on a stick for easy on-the-go dipping and enjoyment. Give customers a whole new way to try this old favorite with Topps Baby Bottle Pop Popping Powder.  Flavors include: strawberry, watermelon and blue raspberry in 12 count packages.

Nerds Filled Gumballs

Talk about a two-for-one specia! This unbeatable combo features the everlasting chewy goodness of a gumball with a hidden Nerds candy surprise inside! Nestle has taken classic bubble gum flavors to a whole new level by mixing textures of soft and chewy and hard crunchy. Nerds Filled Gumballs come in assorted colors of 850 count, or approx. 32 per pound.

Pez Incredibles II Assortment & Avenger Pop Up Lollipops Blister Pack

These final two perfect matches don't necessarily bring together two candies, but they certainly save the day when it comes to taking two fan favorites and making them one! The superheroes that everyone loves have taken on a new identity in the form of Pop Up lollipops and Pez dispensers. Ironman and Hulk keep your lollipop safe and clean with the Avenger Pop Up Lollipops ' lollipop keeper,' including three Chupa Chup lollipop refills in each pack, while Incredibles II Pez offers an assortment of 12 dispensers featuring fan-favorites Violet, Dash and Jack Jack and 2 Pez candy rolls in each pack.

Two is always better than one, so give your customers twice as many reasons to smile with any of these incredible candy combos! Contact us to learn more about the newest wholesale candy products.

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