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Experience The Heavenly Taste of Ambrosia Chocolate

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One of the best things about our new partnership with Cargill Chocolate is that we're able to bring you even more quality chocolate brands and products than ever before! One of the new brands that is now available here at Royal Wholesale is Ambrosia Chocolate. We're thrilled to be able to offer this range of high quality chocolate products to our customers and we know you'll love them as much as we do.

Although Ambrosia Chocolate is new here at Royal Wholesale, it has been a huge part of the confectionery industry since 1894. Ambrosia has the most complete line of quality chocolate products on the market today. The line includes chocolate coatings, chocolate chunks, chocolate drops, compound drops, confectionery coatings, and ice cream coatings.

Ambrosia Chocolate Coatings are available in bittersweet, milk and white chocolate and can be used in a variety of confectionery applications. If you need a more versatile coating with additional flavor options, Ambrosia Compound Coatings available in dark, milk and yogurt flavors as well as pearl white are exactly what you're looking for.

Ambrosia Chocolate Chips and Chunks are a baker's dream come true. With their rich, chocolatey flavor, they're the perfect addition to any baked good. Whether you use bittersweet, milk or white chocolate, you won't be disappointed! Compound chips are also available delicious flavors such as peanut butter, Greek yogurt, butterscotch, chocolate, and white chocolate.

For ice cream makers, Ambrosia brings premium inclusions to the table with their Champion Chips, Liqui Flake Chocolate Flavored Coating, and Confectionery Flakes. To top it all off, there's Ambrosia Chocolate Flavored Decorettes, Rainbow Decorettes, and Magic Candy Pieces!

With Ambrosia Chocolate Liquors, adding bold chocolate flavor to confections has never been easier. These intensely flavored, premium quality chocolate liquors are just what you need to give your confections an unforgettable flavor.

We invite you to visit the Ambrosia Chocolate section of our website to learn more about these fabulous products and to try them for yourself. If you have any questions about the Ambrosia line or any of the other premium products on our website, please feel free to contact us via our Online Help Desk or Live Chat service.


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