How To Store Your Chocolate

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A major problem our clients encounter is chocolate storage. Of course, the best place for chocolate storage should be in your mouth. However, for a business owner with copious pounds of chocolate, this could be a real issue.

An important factor in maintaining your chocolate is understanding your inventory. When it comes to inventory, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Track your inventory and compare them to your sales reports. Of course, you should always be prepared but you don't want to overstock. Compare your sales to last year and what you forecast to do this time. Bear in mind certain specials or promotions you might do differently this year. No one can predict the future, but you can make an educated guess.

When you understand your inventory, now let's deal with the inventory. Probably the first key note to understand right away, is AVOID THE REFRIGERATOR. Putting your chocolate in a refrigerator can damage your chocolate and inevitably cause money loss. (That's some really bitter chocolate.) Instead, chocolate should be kept in a cool dry place between 65 and 68? at a humidity of less than 55%. It's important to remember that the cocoa butter in chocolate can still absorb odors of anything around it, so don't keep garlic next to your chocolate. (That's some really REALLY bitter chocolate.)

Seasonality affects your buying decisions and ultimately your storage abilities. During the summer, using the refrigerator may be your last resort. Here are some tips for storing your chocolate if you must use a refrigerator.

1. Divide your chocolate into individual portions. Having smaller bags can help keep the chocolate fresh. It may even help you to divide the chocolate in increments you know you use, like 3lbs or 5lbs.

2. Make sure your chocolate is wrapped air-tight which will prevent your chocolate from oxidizing. Place an unbleached paper towel in order to absorb any moisture within the bag.

3. You should also place your chocolate somewhere in the dark end of your refrigerator because light can also cause your chocolate to become stale.

4. Check to see if there is any moisture in your bags after 15 minutes. If so, replace immediately with a new bag and paper towel.

5. After 24 hours you can transfer your chocolate into a freezer to preserve them even longer. This will prevent freezer shock.

6. Always remember, using your refrigerator is a last resort and you shouldn't have to preserve your chocolate for too long. Using the fridge, your chocolate can last three to six months. Using the freezer, your chocolate can last six months up to year. That's only a suggestion.

The chocolate business is a sweet enterprise but it requires a lot of care and attention. As your business grows, so will your needs and so will your costs. Being able to preserve your inventory is the first and major steps for your business. No one wants to waste their budget on buying new supplies and never selling them. Hopefully, these tips can help your business grow and gain sweet success!

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