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Introducing Sweet's Salt Water Taffy

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Royal Wholesale is proud to announce that we now offer our customers delicious, high quality Sweet's Taffy! At Royal, we only carry the best available products and we truly believe that Sweet's Taffy is at the top of that list. Not too long ago, we sent a select group of our customers some samples of Sweet's Taffy and the response was so overwhelmingly positive that we couldn't wait to begin carrying this wonderful line of taffy. Here is some more information about Sweet's, their taffy and what you can expect to get when you place an order with us for this fine product.

Sweet's is a family-owned and operated candy company whose products have been made right here in the United States for almost 120 years. In addition, their taffy is kosher, free of trans fats, and available in a delectable sugar free version. With a ton of taffy brands on the market, you may be wondering what sets Sweet's apart from the crowd. For starters, Sweet's taffy is whipped, not pulled, giving it a much softer and less chewy consistency, which makes eating this candy a much more enjoyable experience. Their flavor selection is also top-notch. While many taffy brands hardly have any taste to them, Sweet's taffy is bursting with delicious, mouthwatering flavor such as watermelon, root beer float and cotton candy.

At Royal, we're pleased to be carrying nine varieties of Sweet's Taffy including sugar free, assorted and single flavors. While we're starting off by just carrying a few varieties, we're more than happy to take customer requests for additional flavor offerings and welcome feedback on our current selection. Head on over to our Sweet's Taffy page to start shopping for this tasty summer treat today!


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