Pocket Guide: Why Pinterest is Great for Your Store

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Using Pinterest to increase your candy store's brand awareness is one of the smartest and easiest choices that you can make. Last year, Pinterest began to focus more on their business users by launching "Pinterest for Business". Pinterest for Business has opened up a myriad of doors for company accounts with additions like: Promoted Pins, Pin It button embedding, Pinterest Analytics, and Rich Pins. These add-ons have given businesses an immense amount of reasons to start using this awesome social media platform.

Pin It Button The Pin It button allows even more connection between businesses and customers. This form of marketing is ideal for visually engaging items such as food, fashion, and other lifestyle products. Adding a Pinterest button to your blog can increase the chances a customer will 1) engage with your brand and product, and 2) make a purchase decision on a free marketing platform. Follow this link for an easy step by step guide to help you add a Pinterest "Pin It" button to your blog.

Blog Boards Have you done an analysis of your digital assets? Sure, you have a blog, but just sharing it on Twitter and Facebook doesn't cut it when you're in the pursuit of engaging your audience and transitioning them into leads. We suggest that you create a board titled [Company Name] Blog. Pinterest allows you to link your blog posts to images. I hope some of your lightbulbs are going off and you see where I am going. If you haven't done so already, create title cards for each and every blog post. The phrase "title card" refers to images that share the title of the blog in an visually engaging way. You should make at least two versions of your title cards:

1. Find image dimensions that are optimal to your blog's design.

2. Create a 500x500 title card

This establishes yet another avenue for potential customers to visit your site. Supporting your content in this manner can also give you an increased presence in Google's search results. If your blog contains informative and useful content, you should see a positive jump in social engagement on Pinterest and traffic to your site.

; Leverage Your YouTube Videos Did you know that you can link videos to pins, or even make videos their own pins? (Side note: you should have a transcript for each and every video you post. Why you may ask? Here is an excellent article that can shed more light as to why it is considered smart to transcribe your videos. Some of you may not know where to start. Here is a tutorial on how to do just that!

Okay, enough YouTube back to Pinterest. You have the option to create dedicated boards for all of you videos. You can also pepper in video pins on various boards depending on the relevance of the video, board title, and content found on that board.

The best action that you can take when getting started with Pinterest is to analyze your digital assets and discover where you can leverage them. It is up to you to decide whether you have content that can be turned into assets or assets from which you can generate content. Industry thought-leader and influencer Joe Pulizzi's excellent book, Epic Content Marketing,' describes this line of thinking. If there is one thing that you do in 2016 to better your marketing endeavors, you should buy this book. Marketing your brand will become even simpler and you will be able to leverage amazing content on Pinterest.

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