Sugar Free Candies That Totally Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Sugar Free Candies That Totally Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

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Sugar free doesn’t have to mean taste free! You’ve probably heard that before, but not when it comes to candy. At Royal Wholesale, we’ve got plenty of options for candy lovers with all types of dietary restrictions because we believe no sweet tooth should be ignored! From chocolates and fudge to gummies and jelly beans, check out our favorite sugar free candies made to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Sugar Free Twists
Grab a 5 pound bulk box of tasty Jelly Belly Twists and enjoy all of your favorite jelly beans from Buttered Popcorn, Juicy Pear, Sizzling Cinnamon and more without the added sugar! Each pack comes with 10 different flavors, individually wrapped so you can share the sweetness, not the germs. They’re the perfect option for candy dishes and reception areas to put a smile on the face of any guest who walks through your door!

Asher’s Sugar Free Fudge
Sugar free fudge sounds almost too good to be true, but Asher’s Chocolates will definitely make you a believer! Their rich and flavorful sugar free fudge comes in vanilla, chocolate and peanut butter, so you can find just the right bite for your sweet tooth without the regret. Load up with a 6 pound order and dig in!

Asher’s Sugar Free Chocolates

Ok, Asher’s totally comes through for chocolate lovers with dietary restrictions. Like BIG time. They’ve taken all the very best types of truffles, patties, cups and much more and disguised their low-calorie, sugar-free qualities with incredibly rich and creamy taste. You’d never guess you’re totally following the rules! Stock up with 4-6 pound packages of the following delicious sugar free chocolate treats!

  • Almond Caramel Patties
  • Chocolate Cordial Cherry
  • Peanut Butter Cups
  • Milk & Dark Chocolate Raspberry Jelly
  • Milk & Dark Chocolate Cashew Clusters- Cashews, Peanut, Coconut & Raisins
  • White, Milk & Dark Chocolate Bark
  • Milk & Dark Chocolate Vanilla Caramels
  • Milk Chocolate Cream- Orange Sherbert & Raspberry
  • Milk Chocolate Caramel Marshmallow
  • Milk & Dark Chocolate Vanilla Buttercream
  • Milk & Dark Chocolate Mint Truffle
  • Milk & Dark Chocolate Peppermint Patty
  • Almond Buttercrunch
  • And MORE!

Sugar Free Double Bubble
Ah, to be young! America’s #1 twist-wrap gum will be a crowd-pleaser at any birthday party or class event. But you can never be too old to blow big pink bubbles like you did growing up. Grab a bag for the kids or enjoy them with your own crew- you won’t have to worry about who’s sharing your candy with this sugar free, gluten free and peanut free option!

Jelly Belly Sugar Free Gummy Bears
Who would’ve thought your favorite gummy bear candy could ever be sugar free AND still taste delicious? It’s true! With seven yummy, fruity flavors, like Cherry, Tangerine and Pear, you’ll never guess they have 45% fewer calories than their original counterparts. Thanks, Splenda®! So go ahead and snack away!

Still don’t believe sugar free candy can really conquer those sweet cravings? The only way to know for sure is to try for yourself! Check out our entire selection of low calorie and sugar free candies, and contact us to learn more about all of our candy options.


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