Summer Sun: What Are the Best Candies To Bring To The Beach?

Summer Sun: What Are the Best Candies To Bring To The Beach?

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Summer is here, and with it comes outings, picnics, and trips to the beach. You and your friends, family, and little ones are bound to get hungry on these adventurous days, but bringing snacks and sweet treats with you to the beach presents some interesting problems such as heat and sand. While no snack or candy is completely "beach-proof", there are some tried and true treats that you can enjoy relatively easily, so that you and your brood can enjoy indulgence in the sun and indulgence on your tongue. Consider packing these beach candy beauties in your snack bag the next time you're in for some sun and surf:

Lollipops are the epitome of summer fun---with an array of flavors, sizes, and colors to choose from, their bite-sized snacking comes complete with its own serving stick, so you can enjoy a hands-free tasting as you rummage through your beach bag for more suntan lotion. Candy vendors cater to fun summer snacking by modeling their lollipops in fun shapes, colors, and flavors specifically tailored for summer----try some fun varieties shaped like flip flops or new flavors such as pina cola and sweet cherry pie.

Bubble gum
Blow a few bubbles while you're relaxing on the beach and enjoying those rolling waves; bubble gum doesn't melt, it's contained in your mouth, and it will provide you with hours of flavor as you build sandcastles, roll in the surf, or relax in your chair. Choose classic flavors of bubble gum, or get adventurous with your flavors as you have a bubble blowing contest together.

Hard candy
Beautiful, flavorful hard candy comes in virtually every shape, every size, every color----and you can find them in some very surprising flavors as well. Let the sweet delicious nectar of these candies roll around in your mouth as you participate in your favorite beach day activity.

Gummy bears!
Who doesn't love gummy bears? Sure, they might get a little sticky as you are sitting in the hot sun, but that gives you the chance to mold gummy bear creations and enjoy chomping down on your hard work after the gummy statue contest is over. They’re perfect snacking for young and old, as they don't present a choking hazard when given to young ones with a sweet tooth.

Snackers cookie sticks and chocolate spread
No worries about the chocolate in these neat little packages; it's already partially melted into a delicious, creamy frosting that pairs well with co-packaged cookie sticks. This snack is so finger-licking good that you might just find yourself running a finger (a clean finger, of course) around the rim of the chocolate container just to get all of the goodness that you can. Everyone needs a little chocolate on the beach day!

It seems that snacks for beach day are officially planned; now it's time to dust off those beach umbrellas, pack the cooler, and prepare for the ultimate sweet day in the sun. Have fun, everyone!


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