The 7 Best Hot Chocolate Recipes for Any Time of Year

The 7 Best Hot Chocolate Recipes for Any Time of Year

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It’s safe to say that all across the country this winter, the weather has been weird. Bitter cold and snow covered one day, warm and sunny the next, meanwhile a neighboring city is stuck in torrential downpours. It’s hard to figure out how long winter will be with us or what else it has in store, but one thing always remains consistent throughout the year: our love for hot chocolate. Whether it’s starting to snow or bloom outside, a rich and decadent cup of hot cocoa will make any day better. So here are the 7 best hot chocolate recipes for any time of year.

  1. Sugar Cookie Hot Chocolate
    Sure, this beverage is practically Christmas in a cup, but if Hallmark can play Christmas movies all year long, then we can enjoy this sugar cookie hot chocolate whenever we want too. Plus, our love for sugar cookies extends all throughout the year. It’s the vanilla and almond extracts that give this cocoa its cookie kick and blended with rich dark chocolate, it’s an unbeatable combo. We’re for sure dipping real cookies into this mix too!


  2. Red Velvet Hot Cocoa
    Now not only an amazing cake flavor, but an irresistible hot chocolate as well! With a mix of chopped bittersweet or semi-sweet chocolate, vanilla, powdered sugar and cream, this hot chocolate captures that distinct, red velvety taste and with a splash of red food coloring, it looks the part too!


  3. Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate
    Great things take time, and this slow cooker hot chocolate is the perfect example. By letting it cook on low in a crock pot for 6 hours, you get a mega creamy, undeniably rich beverage. It literally tastes like a mug of melted chocolate with a slight frothy texture. Yes, please!!


  4. Frozen Hot ChocolateWe know it sounds like a bit of an oxymoron, but sometimes opposites really do make the perfect pair. Regular hot cocoa mix is enhanced with a ½ cup (or more) of semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips and blended with milk, sugar and ice cubes, so you can enjoy a rich and refreshing, chocolatey drink that’s perfect for both warm, sunny days or chilly nights! 


  5. Blackberry Hot Chocolate
    This mysteriously fun and intensely bold beverage is perfect for chocolate lovers who can’t get enough of the dark chocolate and fruit pairing. Made with real blackberries, you’ll enjoy a subtle tart and tangy taste that will linger with every sip. Seriously, yum!


  6. Hot Chocolate Float
    Whoever came up with the hot chocolate/ice cream float combo is a genius! This recipe will get you in the St. Patty’s Day spirit with mint chocolate chip ice cream, but you can go wild with any of your favorite ice cream flavors. It’s so easy and so delicious, we may have found our new favorite dessert!


  7. Bailey’s Irish Cream Hot Chocolate
    How about some hot cocoa with a kick? With a little Bailey’s Irish Cream liquor, this recipe makes the ultimate party beverage. Everyone will stay nice and warm while satisfying all those sweet tooth cravings with the handful of chopped chocolate that’s melted into this recipe. Creamy, chocolatey, and a little hoppy- you can pour us a cup!

Rich and creamy hot chocolate really is perfect any time of year and with these fun and delicious twists, you can enjoy a new flavor every time you whip up a cup. For all the chocolate supplies you need to keep the hot chocolate flowing all year long, browse our extensive selection of premium chocolate chips, chunks, wafers and more!


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