The Best Vegan Candies You Can Buy

The Best Vegan Candies You Can Buy

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We know that vegans like their candy just as much as the next person, so don’t they deserve just as many options? The good news is Royal Wholesale has everyone covered with a huge selection of delicious candies for every dietary restriction. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular candy choices so you can get your sugar fix however your heart desires! No dairy, no gelatin and no regrets!

You may not realize that a lot of popular sweets are actually vegan-friendly already (including most dark chocolate!), so it wasn’t easy narrowing it down, but here are some of the best vegan candies you can buy:


Classic Smarties, Giant Smarties, Mega Smarties… you can tackle a craving of any size with these cute little sweet tarts! The classic candy favorite is made with all vegan-friendly, vegetable-derived ingredients, so go ahead and pucker up!

Taste the rainbow as much as you’d like! Skittles got the vegan thumbs up a while ago, so if you have been avoiding this chewy, fruity candy classic, you need to pick up a bag ASAP! There are so many new and delicious flavors to try from Tropical, Wild Berry, Sour and more.


What we like to consider Smarties’ bigger and bolder cousin, Sweetarts also pass the vegan test. They’re full of sweet and tart flavor minus all the regret. And with so many tasty variations to this classic sweet like chewy rope, lollipops and more, there are endless ways to enjoy!

Fun Dip

When I dip, you dip, we ALL dip because Fun Dip is totally vegan-friendly. With its crunchy candy stick used for dipping into powdered sugar with tons of fruity flavors, your sweet tooth cravings don’t stand a chance! And they keep adding new flavors of powders, like Razzapple and Cherry-yum, to keep you dipping differently every time.

Swedish Fish
Go ahead and dive right into a box of these red fish-shaped gummies because Swedish Fish are vegan too! It’s reassuring to know that these hugely popular candies pass the vegan checklist because kids and adults alike all love their chewy goodness. And there are so many different flavor twists you have to try now too!

Hershey’s classic strawberry licorice is in the clear for both vegan-friendly and kosher diets. Who doesn’t love using Twizzlers originals as a straw or tying their rope licorice into knots? With Twizzlers, it’s totally OK to play with your food and enjoy as much as you want to!

Sour Patch Kids

You won’t find any gelatin in these yummy gummy candies! Instead, Sour Patch Kids are bound with corn starch, making them A-OK for vegan candy lovers. As we all know, these soft and chewy little guys are sour, then sweet, which makes them the perfect flavor combo for every candy craving.


Even if you didn’t know these taffy-like candy strips are vegan-friendly, you’re not an airhead. It’s hard to resist their tangy taste and fun stretch-ability, featuring so many great flavors like green apple, watermelon, blue raspberry and more, so make sure you grab a box or two of any Airheads products next time a sugar craving strikes.

No matter what dietary restrictions you or your customers may have, we can help you find all of the classics and new favorites that pass the test. Everyone deserves to enjoy delicious candy, so find all of the best vegan candy options and more at Royal Wholesale!


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