The Many Uses of Chocolate Chips

The Many Uses of Chocolate Chips

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When someone says “chocolate chip,” what is the first thing that comes to mind? The answer is usually chocolate chip cookies. But the chocolate chip is far more versatile than just one classic treat. With Chocolate Chip Day on May 15th, we felt it was perfect timing to give the multi-talented chocolate chip the credit it deserves. From bittersweet chips, white chips, peanut butter chips, and so many more, it’s time to start getting creative with the many uses of chocolate chips!

  1. Decorating
    Seriously, mini chips are just so cute! Which is why they are a delicious and adorable way to add a little flair to any dessert. From icing toppers or sprinkled throughout cupcake batter to lining the edges of a decorative cake, they’re a fun way to add some texture and design to your tasty treats. They’re also the perfect way to spell out a sweet message to a loved one!
  2. Melting & Drizzling
    For some reason, all desserts with fun, melty chocolate drizzle are just ten times better. They not only look more irresistible, but the taste totally follows through. Donuts, cakes, even party mixes- chocolate chips will make adding an extra flair to your favorite sweet and savory treats just another part of your daily baking routine. That’s because they melt down to a liquid drizzle as easily as they melt in your mouth while eating them. 
  3. Ganaches
    There are few things as decadent as a chocolate ganache, but that doesn’t mean you should have to wait for a fancy occasion to indulge. Chocolate chips make creating both soft and hard ganache for filling cakes and truffles or coating fruits and biscuits so easy. The key is finding just the right chocolate chip to heavy cream ratio, but you totally got this. 
  4. Coatings
    We’re a fan of chocolate covered everything. And we love chocolate chips because they make dipping and coating our favorite fruits and sweets in rich, creamy chocolate dangerously easy. Whether you like to dip, pour, or glaze, with just a little heat, chocolate chips become a perfectly smooth and creamy solution for all of your baking needs. From strawberries, truffles, marshmallows, even bacon, you’ll be ready for chocolate covered anything. 
  5. Spreads
    Who needs a trip to the grocery store when you’re just three ingredients away from a homemade chocolate spread? Great for those mid-morning sugar cravings, you can spice up your typical routine spread and try a rich and creamy upgrade. Just add chocolate chips and cocoa powder to the unexciting butter you usually use, plus a little bit of heat, and you’ve got a sweet, velvety spread, perfect for toast, croissants, bagels, and more! Experiment with peanut butter chips, butterscotch chips, etc. to keep things exciting each day.

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