The Most Popular Summer Candies That Are Flying into Candy Bowls

The Most Popular Summer Candies That Are Flying into Candy Bowls

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As summer heats up and we head off to outdoor weddings, birthday parties, and picnics, we've been chowing down on more than a few sweets. With delicious candy on the brain, the summertime swelter feels easier to beat. Here are six of the most popular summer candies we look forward to seeing more of this season

1. Jelly Beans
Jelly beans are an easy favorite. They’re colorful and pretty to display in bowls or jars. They come in a wide variety of flavors to satisfy crazy-taste seekers and those who don't like chocolate. Summery, fruity choices like mango or lime, an ever-popular favorite like bubblegum, or a wild choice like draft beer--any jelly beans are sure to start the flavor party popping.

2. Rock Candy
We remember the days of our youth, begging our parents to buy some of those pretty, sugary crystals. Trust us, rock candy is still just as sweet. Kids today will also love it. With plenty of fun, summer-appropriate flavors like root beer and blue raspberry, rock candy is a no-brainer. Swirl rock candy sticks into drinks or cover a cake in loose rock candy crystals for a cool gem-like look.

3. Mints
This might seem like a wild choice since peppermints and other minty candies are normally reserved for Christmas. But we're not waiting until the winter months to enjoy some delicious, tingly mints. Chocolate mints are the perfect refreshing finisher for weekend barbecues (throw a few into smores for an interesting twist). For summer weddings and other special occasions, buttermints make a lovely, tasty display candy.

4. Chocolate-coated Nuts
No list of popular candies would be complete without some chocolate. The great thing about chocolate-coated nuts is their variety. Milk, dark, or white chocolate are all delicious choices. For the nut, tasty options like pecans, cashews, peanuts, and almonds are all on the table. Few candy-lovers could resist one kind or another. The combination of nuts and chocolate makes for sweet and salty heaven.

5. Hot Cinnamon Candy
Hot cinnamon candy is the only sweet that'll match the summer heat. It's perfect for more adventurous snackers. Of course, there's more than one type of sweet that offers spicy cinnamon flavor. Hard candies, jelly beans, gummy bears, and gummy worms can all offer that tingly, tasty heat. Keep a few on hand for some sizzling summer flavor.

6. Gummy Bears
The last popular candy of the summer is gummy bears. If you're throwing a party, then gummy bears will absolutely delight. Soak some in your favorite liquor for adult guests or bake them into desserts for little ones. Irresistible flavors like orange creamsicle and pineapple disappear faster than sparklers. Sugar-free bears allow more eaters to enjoy. The scrumptious and adorable sweet is definitely a favorite summertime candy.

We plan on seeing a lot more of these irresistible candy treats as the summer goes on--both at parties and in our pantries. Don't let your summer gatherings fall flat without them. Instead, pick up some popular sweets to sweeten your summer.


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