The Rise of Healthy Indulgences

The Rise of Healthy Indulgences

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In today’s health-conscious world, the word “indulgence” doesn’t even seem to have the same meaning it once did. And now the term “healthy indulgence” has become a big component of the eating experience. Since 2016, it’s been the increasingly more popular way to satisfy that sweet tooth. And since the candy industry is basically synonymous with the indulgence industry, we decided to learn a little more about the rise of healthy indulgences and how it’s changing the way people snack.

The Types of Indulgences

According to FONA Trends Insights Report, there are different types of indulgences, all satisfying people in different ways and for different reasons.

Healthy Indulgence: Enjoying a treat with all the flavor and taste desired without the guilt of eating something “bad” for you.

Classic Indulgence:  Treating yourself, a sinful decadence with nothing healthy about it and no reason to feel guilty. Like a dessert, alcoholic beverage or your guilty pleasure of choice as a reward after a long week.

Indulgence as an Experience: Enjoyment of a moment, perhaps tied to events, celebrations or feelings.

Affordable Indulgence: Treating ourselves while still minding our budgets, but allowing an extra purchase to bring happiness, satisfaction, or comfort.

How People are Indulging

The good news is that just because 47% of people prefer healthy indulgences over any of the other types of indulgences (up 7% from 2017), candy is still being enjoyed by people from every indulgence category. In fact, 39% of consumers in FONA’s report are eating indulgent foods 2-3 times a week, while 30% are indulging 4-6 times a week! But according to these snackers, moderation is key, which is why classic indulgences are still the most popular way for people to treat themselves. Whether it’s to feel rewarded for working hard or achieving an accomplishment or simply to feel good, they’re still enjoying their favorite classic indulges; just in smaller quantities.

And chocolate is the first indulgence that comes to mind for 25% of consumers, followed by cake at 16% and cookies at 15%, while lucky for us, chocolate peanut butter cup is the top-rated indulgent flavor; a trademark of the candy industry!

The Rise of Healthy Indulgences

More and more candy suppliers are exploring new ways to offer healthier, less guilt-filled versions of their popular candies, including low-sugar and organic. They’re also making things more bite-sized to aid in portion control and support the “on-the-go” snacking that is especially popular among Millennials and Gen Z.

But more than anything, consumers are looking for products they can customize to their personal baking/cooking preferences, tastes, and dietary needs. They’re seeking quality products in which they can add their personal touch. So as more young adults are taking to the kitchen, they’re looking for the right ingredients to customize the experience of indulging and share it with loved ones.

Royal Wholesale specializes in quality, premium chocolates and candies for all types of dietary restrictions and preferences, all in bulk. That way anyone can have everything they need to transform their favorite sweets into their ideal healthy indulgence.

To keep snacking guilt-free, check out all our dietary-focused candy options or start experimenting with new, healthy dessert recipes by stocking up on any of our exclusive chocolates for baking, molding, coating and more!



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