Tips & Tricks for the Ultimate Candy Buffet

Tips & Tricks for the Ultimate Candy Buffet

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Special occasions are always best celebrated with candy. There’s no better way to congratulate a couple on their engagement, shower a soon-to-be mom, or recognize employee accomplishments than by designating a whole table to all of their favorite candies! As event season really kicks into high gear, a candy buffet is a perfect way to make every graduation, wedding, shower or get together on your schedule extra special. Impress your guests with these tips & tricks to the ultimate candy buffet.

  1. Get the Right Candy & Enough of It
    Before anything, decide what kind of candy you or the guest of honor would want. Not only that, but also consider the colors, sizes, and shapes that would not only make your buffet taste fabulous, but look fabulous too! (this could depend on holidays, themes, etc.) Some tips: smaller candies will take more to fill up a jar or bowl than larger candies, and meltable sweets for a mid-summer shindig outside are probably not the best idea. If your guests are mostly an older crowd, maybe try more nostalgic candies like Mary Janes or penny candy. Lastly, make sure you have PLENTY of everything, so you’re not stuck taking the heat when someone else takes the last Starburst! 

  2. Be Smart About Buying
    Speaking of having plenty of everything, buying in bulk is the smartest, most cost-effective way to get everything you need. A good rule of thumb for knowing how much to buy is allowing a certain amount of candy per guest; let’s say half a pound for each person attending. At Royal Wholesale, you’ll know you’re getting high-quality candies much cheaper than other distributors. We’ve also created hassle-free online ordering so it’s even more convenient than going to the store. Not only will you not have to worry about running out when you buy in bulk, but you can also have plenty on hand for any other celebrations that pop up this season. Our candy is always delivered fresh, and with a shelf-life of 6-18 months depending on the sweet. 

  3. Consider Colors & Themes
    To elaborate on choosing the right candy for your celebration, consider the theme you’re going for and how the colors of the candy itself will fit. If you’re planning for the season, spring is all about the pastels, while bright, primary colors are more fun in the summer. Holidays like Memorial Day and 4th of July are of course are all about reds, whites, and blues, while maybe a mix of Tiffany blue and diamond white is what the bride-to-be is hoping for. Throwing a Disney birthday party? We’ve got the perfect Pez Dispensers to match, while your sports-themed party candy options are endless. Carnival candy? Check! Whatever your theme may be, we’ve got you covered, or simply search by color right here.

  4. Get the Jars & Containers You Need
    Again, certain candies will take more or less to fill up a container. Varying the sizes of your containers to help accommodate the candy you have also does a lot for the aesthetics of the display. Mason jars, vases, oversized glasses, and fish bowls are all great options, and since they’re glass, they’ll really optimize your display. For parties of 1-50 guests, go with at least 5 jars of candy; 10 jars for 50-100 guests; and an event with 100+ attendees should have 15-20 jars. Look to discount stores like HomeGoods or Big Lots, or search for coupons to craft stores like AC Moore. Good Will or local thrift stores may also have some cool, inexpensive options. 

  5. Make Sure You Have the Right Tools
    No one wants a bunch of hands digging through their candy! Utensils for serving are a must. Make sure they’re the right size for the jar, especially scoops which tend to be on the larger side. Plastic scoops are less expensive than metal and also often easier to use. Tongs are usually better for candy like gummies, marshmallows, or licorice which can get stuck together. 

  6. Personalize It
    No matter what theme you choose, there are a lot of ways to personalize your candy buffet. Jar labels are an easy and popular way to start, allowing you to get creative on style and framing; plus they’re helpful for the guests. You can also use chalkboards or homemade table signs to really make your buffet stand out, while your to-go bags or boxes offer another opportunity to get clever with a witty pun or cute saying. And don’t forget the candy itself! You can really be the hostess with the mostest by personalizing Hershey Kisses, lollipops, M&M’s and more! 

Think about the Packaging
The type of packaging you choose can depend both on the types of candy you have and your party’s theme. Maybe little Chinese take-out boxes are a more sophisticated option for baby or bridal showers, or they’re necessary to fit larger items like truffles or cookies that you’ve prepared. Small plastic bags with twist ties may be perfect for messy, on-the-go kids. You can get creative with these to make them even more memorable for guests.

No matter what you’re celebrating this season, make your dessert table one your guests will never forget with a candy buffet! To get all the colors, sizes, and styles of candies and chocolates that you need, check out our extensive selection of timeless classics and new favorites that everyone will love!



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