Tips for the Best Chocolate & Caramel Apples

Tips for the Best Chocolate & Caramel Apples

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Choosing The Right Apples

With summer coming to an end and fall right around the corner, we thought it was the perfect time to go over some helpful tips for creating perfect chocolate and caramel apples. Once you know the basics of making delicious chocolate and caramel apples, you can make all sorts of apples from simple to elegant and everything in between. As long as you’re using quality ingredients like those available from Royal Wholesale, the rest of the apple making process is fairly easy with a little bit of practice. Let’s get started!

As important as it is to choose the right chocolate and caramel, it’s equally as important to choose the right apples. After all, they’re the basis for the entire treat!

First and foremost, whatever type of apples you use, they MUST be fresh. Any crisp apple will do, but we prefer to use Granny Smith apples as their tart flavor is the perfect contrast to the sweetness of the chocolate and caramel.

If possible, try to use apples that don’t have a wax coating. The waxy surface will cause your chocolate and caramel to slide right off your apple. Not at all what we’re looking for here. There’s no need to fret if your apples have wax on them as there are ways to remove it. It just adds an extra step to your process.

Methods For Removing Wax From Apples

- Briefly dip apples in boiling water and then immediately wipe the wax off. Rinse and dry apples.
- Mix baking soda and water and give the apples a rub down with the mixture. Rinse and dry apples.
- Fill a bowl with lukewarm water, 2 tablespoons each of lemon juice and baking soda & mix well. Add apples to the water and use a gentle brush to clean the apples. Rinse and dry apples.

Apple Sticks

Before inserting the sticks, remove the stems of the apples. They just get in the way when eating anyway. Some people prefer to insert the stick from the bottom of the apple, but the choice is yours.

To avoid a wobbly apple that doesn’t stand up straight or on its own, place the apple on a flat surface and then put the stick in perpendicular to the apple. Be sure to dry the apples of any juice that may have leaked onto them when inserting the stick.

Dipping In Caramel

If you want to dip your apples in caramel and chocolate, always dip them into the caramel first, let the caramel harden, and then dip them into the chocolate. Dipping them in chocolate and then caramel will only cause your chocolate to melt into a big mess. If you only want to dip your apples in chocolate, that’s fine too. We recommend using Peter’s Broc Milk Chocolate 90 Viscosity or Peter’s Burgundy Semisweet 115 Viscosity.

Starting with an apple that has been refrigerated will help you chocolate and caramel to harden faster, speeding up your overall dipping process.

For your caramel, we recommend using a high-quality product such as Merckens Vanilla Caramel Loaf or Peter’s Caramel Loaf. You’ll want to keep your caramel melted at 170° F and avoid stirring it too much so your caramel isn’t full of unsightly air bubbles that can transfer to your apples. Seal in the freshness of your apples allowing them to keep longer by dipping the entire apple, including about 1/4″ of the stick, in the caramel. Doing so seals the apple where the stick is inserted.

Decorating & Toppings

We can’t think of a better topping for a chocolate or caramel apple than more chocolate! A sweet drizzle of melted Merckens Chocolate Wafers will not only taste great but look amazing as well.

In addition to chocolate, there’s a wide variety of other fun and delicious toppings that are perfect for apples. When choosing toppings, keep in mind that they should be small so that they adhere better to your apples. Before adding toppings, allow your chocolate or caramel to set up a little bit. You can then roll your apples in the toppings of your choice or sprinkle them on if you prefer.

Storing Your Finished Apples

Place your finished apples parchment paper and store uncovered in the refrigerator. If you package your apples in cello bags or boxes, do not store them in the refrigerator and they will develop condensation when removed from the fridge. Apples stored in bags or boxes at room temperature should last for about a week.


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