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Top Candy Picks for Back to School Lunches

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A new school year is upon us! Kids these days are really growing up fast, but one thing will never change their love for candy! You just can't outgrow the simple pleasure of finding the perfect sweet surprise in your lunch box. As the top wholesale candy distributor online, we know a thing or two about the classic sweets and new treats that kids love finding in their school lunches! So we've compiled a candy guide to help you ace all of this year's back to school lunch treats.

Kidsmania Skool School Bus School can be pretty cool, especially if your school bus showed up filled with candy! That probably won't happen, but this back to school treat brings kids' fantasies to life in a perfect lunch box sized version. Each mini school bus is filled with colorful crunchy candies which are perfect for playing and snacking. They'll get excited for school with the Kidsmania Skool School Bus. Grab a couple boxes of 12 candy-filled school busses before the year starts!

Smarties Must we really explain this one? These cute little candies have been a kid favorite for over 80 years! Plus, nothing says 'you've got this math test!' like a subtle but sweet reminder of just how smart they are. Every smarty deserves some Smarties to get them through all of the challenges of the school day, so make sure you stock up! Smarties come in cases of 300 rolls at 60 rolls per pound.

Palmer Chocolate Gold Coin Half Dollars Instead of packing a little extra lunch money for a snack, they can keep the change and eat it instead! Hide a little piece of treasure in kids lunches with Palmer Gold Foiled Wrapped Chocolate Coins! Palmer's deliciously light and smooth milk chocolate comes in the perfect bite-sized treat so that any parent can strike gold with their kids' lunches. Available in 5 lb. or 12 lb. bulk. 

Candy Blox Lego Blocks They look just like traditional Lego® building blocks, and they connect just like them too! Lunchtime isn't just a time to refuel, but a much-needed break from the books, so give kids a treat they can play with too! They can stack, connect and create whatever their heart desires before they enjoy the tasty blue raspberry, banana, cherry and lime flavors in all different size blocks. Approx. 150 pieces per pound in the Candy Blox Lego Blocks 11 lb package. 

Airheads Kids are certainly not airheads, but they definitely want to have a mouthful of them! They can sport bright cherry red tongues or test their taste buds with playfully tart green apple. After stretching, twisting and shaping this classic candy favorite, they'll enjoy every chewy bite. Get a 36 count box of Van Melle Apple Airheads or Van Melle Cherry Airheads today!

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans BeanBoozled Bulk Mix Once they've finished their tasty PB&J or turkey sandwich, they're most likely craving some moldy cheese or dog food. Ok, definitely not, but they will love being beanboozled with 10 weird and wild flavors of look-a-like jelly beans! They can challenge friends to see if they can guess if the green jelly bean is juicy pear or cringe-worthy booger! Jelly Belly Jelly Beans BeanBoozled are the perfect way to turn lunchtime into playtime, so buy 12 or 24 count boxes, or our 10 lb. bulk mix, so they can keep having fun!

It's hard not to be excited about the school year when every day can be a new, deliciously fun discovery at lunchtime! As a premier wholesale candy distributor, we have so many options for you to choose from to help get kids and parents alike ready for back to school! Take a look at all of our lunch box sized sweets!

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