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Top Chocolate Products For Christmas

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With Christmas right around the corner, it's critical that you have the highest quality chocolate products on hand to make all of your sweet confections. With so many products available, sometimes it can be difficult to determine which ones you should be using. Here at Royal Wholesale, we want to be a resource you can trust when it comes to purchasing chocolate and confectionery products. That's why we have a list of our top-selling products for the Christmas season for you to review! Be sure to place your orders today to ensure you have what you need on hand in time for the holiday rush!

Merckens Chocolate Melting Wafers

Merckens Chocolate Melting Wafers are don't require any tempering so their super easy to use for melting, molding, and dipping. They're perfect for adding a pop of color to your holiday confections with available colors such as red, white and green. There’s even delicious Cocoa Lite and Cocoa Dark wafers that will satisfy everyone's taste buds.

Merckens Melting Wafers Colors 2

Merckens Yucatan Dark

Merckens Yucatan Dark is one of the most popular chocolate blocks to work with in the confectionery world, and it's one of our top-selling chocolate blocks as well. Yucatan Dark is perfect for making filled chocolates and it's flavor compliments all types of fillings. I's also perfect for making chocolate covered strawberries or drizzled it over ice cream and popcorn. Try it on your treats today!

Merckens Yucatan Dark

Merckens Milk Marquis

If you prefer the rich, smooth flavor of milk chocolate, then Merckens Marquis Milk Chocolate is perfect for you. Marquis is the most popular milk chocolate in the Merckens line and our top-selling milk chocolate block as well. Renowned for its creamy texture and unique flavor, Merckens Marquis is a sweet addition to your confectionery collection.

Merckens MarquisPeter's Icecap Westchester Caps Milk 80 viscosity Peter’s Westchester is a delicious milk-chocolate flavored candy coating that doesn't require any tempering. Melt it down for a sweet chocolate drizzle or use it to create awesome homemade confectionery masterpieces of your very own.

Peter's Icecap Westchester Caps Milk 80 Viscosity

Wilbur Bronze Medal Dark Chocolate Coating Wilbur Bronze Medal Dark Chocolate Coating is Wilbur's most popular dark chocolate coating It'+s packed with vanilla flavor and features a rich, smooth chocolate flavor that is perfect for a wide variety of confectionery uses

. Wilbur Bronze Medal


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