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Unique Industries That Can Use Chocolate Products

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For years, Royal Wholesale has been supplying chocolatiers, bakeries, candy stores and ice cream shops with a wide variety of chocolate products to meet their needs. More recently, we've gotten many new customers from industries we never realized could utilize high-quality chocolate products. It turns out that there are many industries that are now incorporating chocolate into their businesses. This indicates to us that the demand for quality chocolate is higher than ever, making it even more critical for businesses to have a reputable chocolate distributor that they can trust to supply them with the products they need when they need them. Below are some of the industries we've seen an increased demand from for high-quality chocolate products.


While some caterers have always used chocolate in homemade baked goods, we've noticed an increase in the amount of chocolate they need due to the increasing popularity of other desserts they are now offering. Some of these desserts include chocolate fountains, caramel apple buffets, s'mores bars and ice cream sundae bars.

Chocolate Fountain

CBD Edibles

Due to its ability to naturally treat a variety of chronic conditions, confections made with Cannabidiol (CBD) are in high demand. Currently legal for medicinal use in 46 states and for recreational use in 8 states, there are more and more shops opening every day to help meet this demand. These shops produce CBD-infused confections such as homemade chocolates, baked goods and candies. Just like any other confectionery shop, those that make CBD edibles are looking for the highest quality chocolate available to make their treats.

CBD Edibles


In our minds, chocolate goes amazingly well with just about anything, but combine it with the perfect wine and you’ll have a flavor combination that is simply out of this world. Many wineries are using chocolate during their wine tastings to enhance the flavor of their wines and to make for a more enjoyable tasting experience. Some are also hosting classes on how to pair various types of wines and chocolates. These types of events are very popular around Valentine's Day but can be found throughout the year at many wineries.

Chocolate and Wine

Edible Cookie Dough

Edible cookie dough shops are the hottest new shops currently opening in the confectionery industry, so while it's still a type of confectionery, it's definitely a branch of the industry that is on the rise as far as chocolate use goes.

Edible Cookie Dough


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