White Chocolate White Out

White Chocolate White Out

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At Royal Wholesale, we love all kinds of chocolate. Sometimes we think that white chocolate fails to get the attention that it truly deserves. Maybe it’s because its “technically” not chocolate. Maybe it’s just because it’s simply not as popular as it’s milk and dark counterparts. Either way, we think white chocolate is great. We have it available in so many different brands and types that we know we have the perfect white chocolate product for you no matter what confections you wish to make. Here are a few of our favorite white chocolate products that we highly recommend you try.

Merckens Super White Melting Wafers

Merckens Super White Melting Wafers are really easy to use and very versatile. They don’t require any tempering and melt easily even in a microwave. They’re perfect for molding, cake pops, and more.

Merckens Ivory White Chocolate

Merckens Ivory White Chocolate is a pure chocolate liquor made from cocoa beans combined with cocoa butter, whole milk, and other flavors. The smooth texture of this high-quality white chocolate coating is perfect for dipping fruits, pretzels, nuts and more.

Peter's Original White 140 Viscosity

These rich, cream-colored wafers are cocoa butter-based and contain whole milk for a coating that has a delicate chocolate aroma and flavor. The high viscosity of these white chocolate wafers makes them perfect for molded chocolates and chocolate barks. They can also be used for dipping if you prefer a thicker coating of chocolate on your finished product.



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