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Why Your Business Should Buy Chocolate in Bulk

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You've probably heard the saying 'you have to buy more to save more.' And if you've ever been to Costco or Sam's Club, then you can most likely confirm. But what's better than stocking up on packages of toilet paper or bins of hand soap for the office is loading up on pounds of delicious, creamy chocolate!

While it may sound a lot like something you've dreamt about in the past, you may not be totally convinced that buying chocolate in bulk is the right move for your business. We'll help make the decision easy with six benefits to buying bulk chocolate from a premier wholesale chocolate supplier.

  1. Savings: Refer to the previous quote above. Everyone knows that buying in bulk is typically less expensive per unit. If it's something you'll need anyway, why not get the best price possible? Your business has a budget, but quality is something you should never have to sacrifice, so get the best value by buying more of what you need from a supplier you can trust.

  1. Fewer Orders/Less Packaging: Buying in bulk from one reliable source is convenient and hassle-free. Finding the right products and placing repeat orders takes time, which can better be spent doing more important things. When you buy in bulk, you can stop making frequent trips to the store or hopping on your computer every week to re-stock. Plus, buying in bulk uses less packaging. So, for you environmentally-minded businesses out there, picture this: If everyone bought in bulk, we'd save enough packaging waste worth of over 1 million garbage trailer trips to the landfill every year, according to recent studies.

  1. Convenient Purchasing: We offer direct, hassle-free ordering on our site, so there's no need for store visits or errands. You can find exactly what you need quickly and efficiently by sorting through brands, chocolate types, chocolate uses and more. Forget about scanning crowded aisles at the grocery store and lugging large bags to and from your car. Everything gets delivered right where you need it. And with your own private account on our wholesale chocolate site, reordering is a piece of chocolate cake!

  1. On-Hand Supply: There's nothing more disappointing than an empty candy dish. Whether it's a small pick-me-up for your hard working employees throughout the day or a nice treat for potential customers and guests, always be prepared with a full stock of chocolate refills. It's amazing how quickly those small bags can go from full to empty, so make sure you have extra on-hand at all times with a bulk order.

  1. Themed Options: When you buy bulk from Royal Wholesale Chocolate, you have so many more options than your typical store. This not only means more variety to choose from, but also that you can be as picky as you want! Looking for specific color wrapping to match your company brand? Or maybe it's been nearly impossible to find red, green and white Hershey Kisses for your Christmas in July event. You can customize your orders to find all the colors and flavors that are perfect for your unique needs, no matter what season. You won't have to settle for what's on the shelves, but instead, can take matters into your own hands by browsing our site for any color or theme you can imagine.

  1. Get it Fresh: We can't speak for every wholesale chocolate supplier, but you can rest assured that everything you order from us is fresh and high-quality. Any previous misconceptions you may have had of bulk ordering in terms of quality, taste and appearance don't apply here. We have the highest standards for assessing the freshness of all our chocolate products and take every precaution necessary to ensure that each and every item is delivered to you in pristine condition. We only offer premium chocolate brands with exceptional reputations for quality and taste and give every order the proper attention and care it deserves.

Buying in bulk is the perfect way to always be prepared with fresh, mouth watering chocolate that will leave your customers begging for more. For your next big order, contact us to find exactly what you're confectionery business needs.

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