2016 Gift and Candy Show

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Over this past weekend, our team at Royal Wholesale Candy did an amazing job as an exhibitor at the 2016 Gift and Candy show in Pennsylvania. Taking the first steps into the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center was an extremely exciting experience. The Royal Wholesale Candy team and I walked up to the registration booth to get our exhibitor passes. After that, it was a full dash to our booth. Pumped full of energy and excitement, we eagerly put the final touches on our booth and waited with smiles on our faces for the first attendees to walk through the events double doors.

This was the first year the candy and gift show came together to put on a multi-themed event. It seemed like a no-brainer to pair up the two shows. Each show complements the other very well, and the potential for leveraging each other's resources was increasing as we continued to round the event. Event attendees that fell into the event planning category were "ping-ponging" between the gift and candy show as they built their perspective inventory for the upcoming wedding season. Speaking with one event planner led me to believe that the structure of this event was conducive to this type of business’s research process.

Our guess how many contest was a huge hit. People were lining up to see if they could guess the right amount of chocolates that were in the glass container. Only one of our team members knew the total amount and she was keeping it locked down like a vault. She wouldn't even tell me or any of the other team members. The winner of this contest will win a $100 gift card to our website (royalwholesalecandy.com) - Stay tuned!

Next to the contest station held our charging area. In shows of the past, we noticed that people were becoming frustrated as their phone's batteries depleted throughout the show which is why we purchased a charging station. The charging station was great because it gave us an opportunity to slow down the conversation and really get to know the people who entered our booth. This was a great way to connect with the event attendees and really see what they enjoyed about the booth and our team.

Walking around the event, we noticed all of our friendly manufacturers. We stopped and spoke with the manufacturers, talked about some upcoming products, discussed what candy items were popular on our site, and listened to the comments and compliments of the representatives. It was a great experience getting to become more aware of the moving parts of these manufacturers. It gave us a huge appreciation towards these companies and makes us even happier that we have enhanced the relationship between the two.

This whole weekend was a blast for our entire team. It not only gave us a great way to connect with our buyers but also allowed strengthen our team bond. We are extremely excited to attend next year's event. We have already started planning. Anyone who enters our booth next year will surely love it. Thank you to the Gift and Candy show, The attendees, and buyers for making this year great!

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