7 Classic Easter Candies that Spring Up Every Year

7 Classic Easter Candies that Spring Up Every Year

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While the very first Easter celebrations didn’t involve baskets full of delicious chocolates and and candy, now it’s hard to imagine it any other way. As the second best-selling candy holiday of the year, Peter Cottontail never fails to deliver on Easter morning as we hunt for all of our favorite pastel colored sweets and spoil our dinners for the whole following week. New Easter themed candies hit the shelves every year, but some candies never go out of style. It just wouldn’t be springtime without these 7 classic Easter candies:

Niagara Foiled Solid Chocolate Eggs
One of the most identifiable chocolate treats of Easter is also the most simple. But man, are they simply delicious! Niagara’s solid chocolate eggs include milk, dark and white chocolate, as well as a crispy variety, wrapped in fun pastel foil that only slightly slows us down from eating 100 of them in less than a minute. They’re the perfect plastic egg stuffer, and it just wouldn’t be Easter without them!

Peeps Marshmallow Chicks
Peeps have taken over as THE candy of Easter, and it’s hard to disagree when you’re enjoying one of these sugar coated, marshmallow treats for yourself. These chicks not only come in multiple springtime colors like blue, lavender, yellow and pink, but you can also enjoy Peeps bunnies as part of their Easter line! As much as they stick to your fingers, they just as quickly melt in your mouth for the perfect sweet tooth fix.

Gertrude Hawk Milk Chocolate Bunny
We don’t know about you, but finding this in our basket Easter morning is like the ultimate chocolate jackpot. While these milk chocolate bunniescome in all different sizes, it was always better to go bigger! 9+ ounces of solid, premium Gertrude Hawk milk chocolate is enough to put any kid into a chocolate coma and keep them happy for days!

Jelly Belly Spring Mix
Jelly beans are obviously a fan favorite any time of year, but Jelly Belly knew that singling out all of our favorite pastel colors featuring a mix of irresistible fruity flavors like pink grapefruit, cantaloupe, tangerine and more, that we would find them the perfect candy to enjoy during Easter. They tend to disappear really fast, so make sure you grab a 10 lb. bag- we’ve got you covered!

Capco Jordan Almonds
If you really want a taste of Easter, bite into a decadently rich and crunchy Jordan almond. These high-quality nuts covered in the thinnest chocolate shells have been a trademark of Easter and so many other special occasions, symbolizing life, good health and happiness. And these Capco Jordan Almonds are extra bright, colorful and perfect for spring.

Easter Pez
There really isn’t a holiday, theme or event that Pez isn’t perfect for. These dispensable candy carriers have taken the shape of almost every famous character, superhero or beloved animal, and for Easter, they don’t disappoint! Choose from lambs, bunnies, chicks and more as a tasty and entertaining addition to any child’s basket. History shows that they’re sure to love it!

Orange Candy-Filled Carrots
Where would the Easter Bunny be without his carrots? Probably as lost as we’d be without chocolate. That’s why filling carrot-shaped plastic baggies with Koppers Orange Coated Malted Milk Balls, M&M’s, or even jelly beans, is always a good idea. They’re a super fun way to turn a tasty treat into a fun basket stuffer. And what’s even better, is if you don’t finish them all, they’re already in the perfect save-for-later bag (but who would ever have some leftover anyway?).

Some candies have just earned the right to be called “classics,” and this list has them all. To make sure your Easter basket does too, browse our full selection of Easter themed candies and find everything you need in time for the bunny’s arrival this year!


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