The Seven Wonderful Candy Museums

The Seven Wonderful Candy Museums

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Did you know about the Seven Wonderful Candy Museums?

You know about the Seven Wonders of the World but did you know about the Seven Wonderful Candy Museums? Well we searched high and low and we found seven candy museums located across the world.


The first Museum is called Schimpff's Confectionery located in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The museum is attached to the store which features candy exhibits throughout the ages and features Hershey's and Nestlé's paraphernalia.


A guided tour of the Candy Museum features a live demonstration of a small batch of Schimpff's famous hard candy which is generally Red Hots, being made on antique equipment, which opened back in 1891. Schimpff’s is also known for other local candies such as Modjeskas (caramel covered marshmallows) and Fish Candy(colorful hard candy fish).

Next up across the globe is the Dessert Museum located in Manilla, Philippines.  This 12,000 sq ft. museum, has 12 deliciously decorated rooms, promising a sugar-filled experience.


1. Donut Room- You can enter the room by sliding down a sprinkle slide and then through a Donut Hole.

2. Marshmallow Room- surrounded by giant marshmallows from all sides with a huge cloud of fluff hanging from the ceiling looking like a huge cloud. You also get to treat yourself to free marshmallows and fondue of different flavors!

3. Candy Cane Room-filled with candy cane groves, in stripes of pink, white, and blue. Upon leaving you can fill your pockets with candy canes.

4. Ice Cream Room-any ice cream flavor you would have ever dreamt of can be found in this Ice Cream Room. 

5. Bubble Gum Room- this room has floating and spinning balloons in different sizes and colors, and a gumball machine bouncy house. 

6. Gummy Bear Room- submerge yourselves in bathtubs filled with endless gummy bears, or cuddle up to huge one instead. 

7. Cotton Candy Room- everything in this room is pink.  The walls are adorned with pink clouds and you can bite into as much as free cotton candy as you like.

8. Cake Pop Room - choose from a range of colors and flavors of cake pops. 

9. Banana Beach Room - features banana flavored candies and also slide down Banana slides.

10. Bewitched Bakery Room - this room is surrounded by huge pop tarts, rainbow cakes and a Birthday Cake Slide!

11. Macaroon Tea Party - filled with giant tea cups and pastel large pastel macaroons.

12. Pinata Pit- this room features pinata carousels and stalls offering delicious mango treats.

This is definitely a place to watch all your childhood dreams come true.



Next up back in the US, is the Bulk Candy Store Museum in West Palm Beach, Florida. 


The Bulk Candy Store museum walls are adorned with vintage wrappers and a wide array of giant Pez dispensers.  The museum holds many movie memorabilia, including a real Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Golden Ticket! There are six rooms that offer a brief look at the history of candy.

Next museum in New York City is the Museum of Ice Cream, a shrine to the popular frozen dairy dessert. Featuring a pit of rainbow sprinkles, edible candy balloons, and a seesaw in the shape of a giant scoop. 


Next state over we have the  candy store museum in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The Hershey Story Museum experience takes visitors on a journey through Milton Hershey’s, his chocolate company, his generous philanthropic legacy and the town of Hershey, PA. The museum exhibits explore Mr. Hershey’s early failures, how he successfully revolutionized the process of making milk chocolate, and how the orphan boys of the Hershey Industrial School became heirs to his fortune.


Next is the Chocolate Museum in Orlando, Florida. The Chocolate Museum Tour starts off with a short presentation then you enter the tropical rainforest to learn about cacao. Then the tour takes you back in time to find out the origins of chocolate and its rich history.


Next, you’ll enter the sculpture area, with 25 solid chocolate sculptures of some of the world’s most recognizable landmarks. You will also learn how chocolate is made, and see some retired machinery used to make chocolate. Finally, you make your way to the tasting room to sample some of the finest chocolates around the world.

Last on our list is Candytopia in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This one of a kind experience transports you to an imaginative wonderland of confectionery bliss.


This interactive art installation celebrates the vibrant colors and flavors of your favorite sugar coated delights across over a dozen environments with flying unicorn pigs, a marshmallow tsunami, a giant shark covered in gummy sharks, tutu-wearing pigs that fart confetti , a rainbow hall of mirrors, a marshmallow pool and so much more! And all the free samples you can handle!

Well, we just can't stop thinking about these magical dessert worlds and can’t wait to decide which one to go to first! Pick one out today and get ready to watch all your sweet childhood dreams come true. If you can’t get to one anytime soon, just shop now at for bulk candy and wholesale prices!


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