Royal Wholesale Candy is Kicking off the Summer

Royal Wholesale Candy is Kicking off the Summer

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Royal Wholesale Candy is Kicking off the Summer



Royal Wholesale Candy is kicking off the summer with a 10% off Sale on selected Albanese items!




Albanese Gummies are known for being the World’s Best Gummies because of their fresh fruity flavors & super soft texture. But what else makes their gummies the best? We can name a few starting with:


  1. Color–because of how many different color options there are, Albanese gummi candies make a great addition to any party or set up! 

  2. Soft and Chewy- Albanese gummies are smooth and super soft and have a nice chewy texture that doesn’t hurt your mouth.

  3. Fun shapes and sizes- Besides just gummi bears Albanese makes gummi frogs, gummy rattlesnakes, gummi butterflies, gummi blossoms, gummi  worms, army guys, jet fighters, gummi rings, gummy sharks, and seasonal fun shapes too!

  4. Healthy Candy- Albanese Gummies are Dairy-Free, Fat-Free, Gluten-Free, MSG Free, No Artificial Sweeteners, Peanut Free, Tree Nut Free.

  5. Albanese Gummies are Made in the U.S.A.


Here is the list of selected Albanese Gummies items that are on sale this month in Royal Wholesale Candy:


  1. Albanese Gummi Bears Green Apple




  1. Albanese Gummi Bears Orange 




  1. Albanese Gummi Bears Wild Cherry 




  1. Albanese Gummi Bears Grape 




  1. Albanese Gummi Bears Strawberry




  1. Albanese Gummi Bears Blue Raspberry




  1. Albanese Gummi Bears Mango




  1. Albanese Gummi Bears Pink Grapefruit 




  1. Albanese Gummi Bears White Strawberry Banana 




  1. Albanese Gummi Bears Orange Cream Bearsicle




  1. Albanese Gummi Sour Poppers




  1. Albanese Gummi Papa Bears 




  1. Albanese Gummi Berry Red Gummi Raspberries




  1. Albanese Gummi Sour Mini Neon Worms




So join in the fun of the Royal Wholesale Colorfest Summer Sale! It’s a great time to stock up and save on some of Albanese’s popular colors and flavors of gummies! 



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