Best Kids Birthday Party Candy

Best Kids Birthday Party Candy

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When it comes to birthday parties, one thing will always be true: there MUST be candy. If there isn’t, then you need to fire your party planner (even if that’s you). We know, we know; cake is usually the highlight of the day, but the best part about candy is the kids can enjoy it on the move, all party long! Plus, would party favors even exist without candy? Probably not. So as you start planning your next celebration, here are our recommendations for the best kids birthday party candy.

Charms Blow Pops

You can’t go wrong with blow pops! With a bazillion different flavors and a fun, chewy bubblegum center, it’s hard to find a kid who isn’t a sucker for these classic Charms lollipops. With a 48-count box, you’ll have plenty for everyone on the guest list; even those who grab a handful!


Airheads aren’t only delicious, but they’re fun too! You can twist and pull them or rip and share them. Plus they turn your tongue all sorts of funky colors. Kids will get a kick out of these party candies; just like they have been for decades!


Pick a theme, any theme! Pez has you covered. From superheroes or princesses to Spongebob and Star Wars, you’ll be party coordinator extraordinaire. It’s not just a candy; it’s a toy too. And since they’re refillable, they’ll last long after the party is over, making them the perfect party favor.

Adams & Brooks Whirly Pops

Ever heard the expression “your eyes are bigger than your stomach?” Well, these oversized Whirly Pops will keep the kids busy for days! They’ll think they hit the candy jackpot with how big and colorful they are, while our bulk 48-count box helps you save big time!

Smarties Candy Necklaces

Smarties necklaces make any birthday party better. They’re tasty, stylish and individually wrapped so kids can take them to go too. But they’ll most likely be wearing and snacking on them right down to the elastic string all party long because they’re just too good not to!

Mega Candy Buttons Sheet

Bigger is always better in the world of candy. These Mega Candy Buttons sheets are full of color and flavor with red, cherry orange, orange-yellow, lemon blue, and raspberry buttons. They’re a different way to eat candy, but don’t worry, even the paper is FDA approved for consumption, so no matter how questionable some kids may snack, you’re in the clear.

Fun Dip

The name says it all! Kids will have fun dipping the sweet candy stick into the fruity, powdered sugar for a sweet on sweet burst of flavor. Between Razzapple and Cherry-yum Fun Dips, they’re sure to be comparing colorful tongues with every dip.

Wonka Pixy Sticks

Sometimes, it’s more fun to just get straight to the sugar! Pixy Sticks are an all-time kid favorite. Perfect in case the kids need a little energy boost throughout the party (haha right). We’ve got a 2500-count box, so running out is out of the question. Sprinkle them around the party like edible confetti, and let everyone enjoy all the fun flavors.

Jelly Belly BeanBoozled

Jelly Belly’s BeanBoozled Jelly Beans are the perfect party game. Kids will get lots of laughs as they try and tell the difference between weird and nasty flavors like Skunk Breath and Canned Dog Food mixed with all their usual favorites. Our Mystery Bean Dispenser makes playing even more fun as beans appear like magic simply by lifting and lowering the lid. Let the games begin!

Planning the dessert menu at your next birthday party is a piece of cake with any of these fun and flavorful birthday candies! You can check out even more popular party treats in our Birthday-themed category, and with bulk quantities, you can order all the sweet essentials for guest lists of any size!


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