Who is Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate? - Royal Wholesale Answer

Who is Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate? - Royal Wholesale Answer

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Who is Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate?

And why do I need to know about them?



Who is Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate? They are the manufacturer of several fine chocolate brands such as Merckens Chocolate, Wilbur Chocolate, Peter's Chocolate, Ambrosia Chocolate, Gerkens Cocoa Powder

Why do I need to know them? Well, whether you have a candy store, bakery, catering company, or chocolate shop, you’ll need confectionery products to create the confections your customers crave and Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate manufactures the great brand names you’ve come to learn and trust. 

Let’s discuss each brand and learn more about what each brand offers.

  1. Merckens Chocolate Brand has it all – premium American chocolates and the legendary Rainbow™ line of coatings; great functionality, consistency in quality, the best flavor profiles in the industry…and the most fun! Merckens product offerings include:

  • Merckens Chocolate Coatings

  • Merckens Chocolate Chunks

  • Merckens Chocolate Drops

  • Merckens Compound Drops

  • Merckens Caramel

  • Merckens Confectionery Coatings also known as chocolate wafers, chocolate melts 

  1. Wilbur Chocolate is a high-performing, quality American-style chocolate & compound building on the original recipes since 1884. Wilbur product offerings include: 

  • Wilbur Chocolate Chunks

  • Wilbur Chocolate Coatings

  • Wilbur Chocolate Drops

  • Wilbur Compound Drops

  • Wilbur Confectionery Coatings

  • Wilbur Ice cream Coatings

  1. Peter’s Chocolate is the Mark of Distinction®: Superlative Swiss-style chocolate, famous for its crumb-based milk chocolate, its smooth block dark chocolate and high-end Icecaps®…and let’s not forget the best, most buttery caramel on the market. Peter’s product offerings include: 

  • Peter’s Caramel

  • Peter’s Compound 

  • Peter’s Chocolate Coatings

  • Peter’s Chocolate Drops

  • Peter’s Confectionery Coatings

  • Peter’s Ice Cream Products

  1. Ambrosia Chocolate has delivered “Food of the Gods” – delicious chocolate of the finest quality since 1894. Ambrosia Brand Chocolate consistently delivered high-quality chips, chunks, and coatings. Ambrosia’s offerings include:

  • Ambrosia Chocolate Coatings

  • Ambrosia Chocolate Chunks

  • Ambrosia Chocolate Drops

  • Ambrosia Compound Drops

  • Ambrosia Confectionery Coatings

  • Ambrosia Ice Cream Coatings

  1. Gerkens Cocoa Powder is a trusted brand. The Gerkens® Cacao brand name is applied to the full range of high quality, consistent and reliable cocoa powders produced by Cargill. Gerkens Cocoa Powder is a high-impact ingredient that can transform any application, the powder you use is arguably the most important choice you make when developing a new product or searching for inspiration. Whether you need a unique ingredient or an off-the-shelf solution, achieve success by using Gerkens® powders.

After reading and learning more about chocolate brands that Cargill has to offer, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to try one.  We know that you’ll be more than satisfied with any of these products and that’s why we’ve worked so hard to become a Cargill distribution partner. We've gone above and beyond to prove that we are worthy of being grouped among the top wholesale chocolate distributors in the country and thrilled to be able to pass along the great benefits of our partnership to our deserving customers.

One of the great benefits of being a Cargill Chocolate partner distributor is to ensure that you always have access to the high-quality chocolate products you need when you need them. As a Cargill Chocolate distribution partner, we're able to provide you with bulk caramel loaves, liquid caramel, bulk milk chocolate, bulk dark chocolate, bulk white chocolate, bulk chocolate bars, bulk chocolate chips, bulk chocolate for candy making,  bulk chocolate coatings and bulk compounds, cocoa butter, and chocolate liquor from the terrific brands we mentioned above at wholesale. You can visit the Cargill Chocolate section of our website to view all of the available products. Also, as one of Cargill's largest chocolate customers, we're able to get great pricing on cocoa and chocolate products and pass those savings over to our customers. 

At Royal Wholesale, we've been providing our customers with the highest quality candy, chocolate and confectionery products for 30 years. Our goal from day one has been to become a leader within our industry and provide our customers with a first-class wholesale shopping experience. Over the years, we've become a leading supplier of a variety of chocolate products and our customers have come to depend on us for the best quality, selection, prices, and service available. 

If you have any questions about Cargill products or need samples,  please feel free to contact us at any time. 

For more details and any questions please call us (888) 261-8277



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