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How To Help Your Candy Inventory Beat The Heat

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With summer in full swing, temperatures are heating up across the country. It's an important time of year to ensure that you're taking the necessary precautions to keep your confectionery inventory safe from the summer heat. Temperature plays a key role in the quality and freshness of candy and chocolate and we want to give you a few tips to help you preserve your precious inventory so you can offer your customers the best possible products.

Plan Shipments Accordingly

During the summer, it's crucial to bring your deliveries indoors right away to keep them from getting too warm. Due to summer holidays and vacations, your business may be closed at certain points during the season. Don't place any orders for confectionery items that may arrive to your business when you're closed to avoid packages being left out in the heat.

Store Back Stock Properly

Store confectionery items at approximately 65 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure optimum quality. At this temperature, you will be able to keep just about every kind or candy, chocolate and other confectionery item at its best. Be mindful of stock rooms that may not be temperature controlled or that may not be at a suitable temperature for confectionery items.


Ensure Proper Display Temperatures Once your confectionery items hit the sales floor, it's important that they're still kept at a suitable temperature. Spotlights can be a dangerous heat source that if directed towards your candy can cause them to melt. Display cases and storage areas under sales counters that retain heat can also cause damage to your products. Also, take care when displaying confectionery items near doors or windows that may let heat in when open or that allow a lot of sun in that can cause melting.

Read Product Packaging

Whenever you're not sure about how a particular product needs to be handled or stored, check the box it was shipped in or the individual packaging for the information you need. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to the friendly staff here at Royal Wholesale for assistance.

Order Only What You Need

If you're short on appropriate display or storage space for your confectionery products, simply place smaller orders that are just enough to fill your shelves. With easy ordering, fast shipping and over 4,000 items in stock, Royal Wholesale can keep you fully stocked on a regular basis.

For information on our hot weather shipping precautions, click here.


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